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Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood

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Grand Canyon Monument to Catstrophe.jpg


55 minutes. (High School–Adult)

Grand Canyon: Monument to the Flood will take you on a voyage through the ‘Canyon of Canyons', escorted by the creation scientists who know it best! The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful and intriguing natural wonders in the world. Millions crowd to its rim every year. But if the story that they are told about its formation is true, then the Bible must be false. These scientists answer the hard questions about the origin and history of the Grand Canyon and teach you how the Grand Canyon, a world-famous ‘showcase of geology’, is best understood in the light of Scripture.
Includes aerial photography, colorful graphics, and interviews with respected Creation-scientists. Until you see the Grand Canyon's amazing Creation-connection, you can't fully appreciate its significance!
Features five creationist geologists: Dr. Steve Austin, Dr George Van Burbach, Dr John Morris, Dr Andrew Snelling and Dr Kurt Wise.



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