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God created races separately (EvoWiki)

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Response Article

This article (God created races separately (EvoWiki)) is a response to an evolutionary or anticreation assertion that was published on the EvoWiki website.

Evowiki cites as a "Creationist claim" the belief that God created the races separately. In order to find someone making this claim, they are forced to go back over 100 years to a book titled The Negro, A Beast Or In The Image Of God, dated 1900, by Chas Carroll.[1]

Errors in this claim:

  • First, the obvious: straw man. It is telling that the claimer is forced to go back 100 years to find a single individual who held this view. He'd likely be hard-pressed to find another who held the view for three thousand years before or one hundred years after. This is not a "Creationist claim." This is a "Crazy" claim. Presenting it as "Creationist" is straw man.
  • Second, misrepresentation of the claim. Chas Carrol did not claim that "The different races of humanity were created separately." He claimed that blacks were not human at all, but in fact were animals. He wrote, "The Negro a beast, but created with articulate speech, and hands, that he may be of service to his master-the white man" and "If the white man was created in the image of God, then the Negro was made after some other model; and a glance at the Negro indicates the model; his very appearance suggests the ape."
  • Third, failing to recognize that Carrol's claim that blacks are not human directly contradicts creationism itself. The Genesis genealogy traces black Africans through Cush, son of Ham, son of Noah. The Black African Kushite civilization of the Southern Nile still bears his name. Moses himself married a Cushite woman[2], and when his brother and sister objected (presumably because of their racism) God told them to leave Moses alone. Carrol's claim is inconsistent with Genesis itself, and is thus not "creationist," but an effort to synthesize the history of Genesis with the racism of evolutionism.
  • Fourth, failing to recognize that at the time, creationists (in the form of Christian and Creationist abolitionists such as Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin) were engaged in a battle to eliminate racism and slavery, while evolutionists were busy arguing that blacks were "less evolved" than whites (in the form of the author of Hunter's Civic Biology, the subject of the Scopes Trial, which made explicitly racist statements and relied on eugenics). After the horrors of evolutionism were realized in the Holocaust, evolutionists recognized that their racism was not tenable. Creationists, of course, had been arguing that it was untenable for a hundred years, on the basis of Genesis.