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The Girgashites (Hebrew: גרגשים, Girgāshīm; "Name means::dwellers on a clay-land") were the descendants of Girgash (Hebrew: גרגש, Girgāsh; "Name means::clay"), the fifth son of son of::Canaan, according to the Genesis 10:16 .


The name of this people has been discovered in the Ugaritic inscriptions as grgs and bn-grgs, that is, Girgash and the sons or children of Girgash. They are also known to us in the Hittite documents as the karkm; and in Egyptian records as the Kirkash. They settled to the east of the river Jordan between Galilee and the Dead Sea.

Although the Girgashites were with their brethren around Palestine, a tribe known as the Karkisa were mentioned in the Hittite Annals, as existing in Asia Minor. Another rendering of that tribe is Qarqisha. Perhaps they migrated to the steppes near the Caspian Sea which was known as the "Sea of the Girgashites" anciently and thence on to south-east Europe giving rise to the Albanian Ghegs.

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