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Gether (Hebrew: גתר, Gether; "fear") was the third son of son of::Aram, the son of Shem, according to Genesis 10:23 . He was also the brother of brother of::Uz, brother of::Hul, and brother of::Mash.


Josephus informs us that "Gether founded the Bactrians" and Saint Jerome (c. 390) and Saint Isidore of Seville (c. 635) states that Gether was the ancestor of the "Acarnanians or Carians". In Arabic traditions, he is called Jathiar and became the father of Thamud (Arabic: ثمود, Thamūd), whose brother the Qur'an calls Salih (Arabic: صالح, Ṣāliḥ).

About 2000 BC, the descendants of Gether appeared in Mesopotamia as the Guti—fair-skinned and fair-haired invaders who temporarily set themselves up as the ruling class there. They were enemies of the Assyrians and after their defeat were conscripted into the Assyrian army, who called them Qutu. Perhaps the district in the neo-Assyrian Empire, south of Asshur, along the Tigris which was named Qu-te-e was named after them.

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