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George McCready Price

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George McCready Price

George McCready Price (Born::August 26, 1870Died::January 24, 1963) was a Canadian creation scientist, known as the father of flood geology. He was born and reared in the Maritime Provinces of Canada, and was a scientifically self taught. As a youth, he joined the Seventh-day Adventists, where he remained active throughout his life. He taught as a missionary at Battle Creek College (now Andrews University).

In 1902 he published Outlines of Modern Christianity and Modern Science this would be the first in a long series of works. He devoted much of his life making flood geology known to the world. Flood geology explains why there are large amounts of sediment all over the world and therefore why the world appears to be millions of years old. The theory states that Noah's flood is the cause of all this sediment and the world is actually only about 10,000 years old according to the biblical account. In 1906 he published Illogical Geology, in which emphasized that the only really effective way to defeat evolution was to show that its geologic-age framework is invalid.[1]


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