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Physical Map of the World, April 2007.

Geography is the study of the Earth, its features, and of the distribution of life on the Earth. The term is derived from the Greek words Geo (γη) or Gaea (γαια), both meaning "Earth", and graphein (γραφειν) meaning "to describe" or "to write" or "to map". Although cartography (map making) is a important component of geography, perhaps the greatest contribution is made through the role of analysts of some of the most pressing natural resource and environmental issues of our world.

Geographers monitor and analyze changes on the land, study connections between people and the land, and provide society with relevant science information to inform public decisions. Modern geography has progressed to observing the Earth with advanced technologies such as remote sensing satellites and global positioning systems (GPS).

Creation geography involves sites of interest to Biblical history or modern day creation theory or activities.


Ptolemy's Geography contained sixty-four smaller regional maps and four large additional maps. Shown here is the additional map of Europe which reveals Ptolemy's systematic exaggeration of west to east distances, particularly in the eastward extension of Scotland and the west to east slope of Italy.

Ptolemy gave geography and cartography its final form in the second century A.D. His massive work on the subject (Geographia), which summed up and criticized the work of earlier writers, offered instruction in laying out maps by three different methods of projection, provided coordinates for some eight thousand places, and treated such basic concepts as geographical latitude and longitude.

In Byzantium, in the thirteenth century, Ptolemic maps were reconstructed and attached to Greek manuscripts of the text. And in the fifteenth century, a Latin translation of this text, with maps, proved a sensation in the world of the book. A best seller both in the age of luxurious manuscripts and in that of print, Ptolemy's Geography became immensely influential. Columbus, one of its many readers, found inspiration in Ptolemy's exaggerated value for the size of Asia for his own fateful journey to the west.[1]


Physical geography

Human geography

Environmental geography


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Sites of Interest

Biblical Archaeology

Main Article: Biblical Archaeology

Biblical archaeology is an important creation science discipline that substantiates the Bible as a valid historical document, and the Biblical chronology as accurate time-line. Each year new discoveries are made, and creationists are encouraged to keep themselves informed of progress in this field.

Site Country State / Province / Region
Capernaum Israel
Jericho Israel
Ephesus Turkey
Megiddo Israel Jezreel Valley
Mount Ararat Turkey
Mount Sinai Egypt Sinai Peninsula
Temple of Jerusalem Israel
Qumran Israel


Main Article: Flood geology

Flood geology is the study of geologic evidence within the paradigm of creationism that assumes the literal reality of a global cataclysm as described in Genesis 7 and 8. Genesis is read as a historically accurate record from which a geologic history of the earth can be derived.

Flood geologists seek to show that Earth's geologic features are best interpreted within the Biblical cataclysm and consequential aftermath; including sedimentary strata, fossilization, fossil fuels, submarine canyons, plate tectonics, salt domes and frozen mammoths.

Site Name Country State / Province / Region
Ayers Rock Australia
Arches National Park United States Utah
Black Sea [[]] [[]]
Bryce Canyon United States Utah
Carlsbad Caverns United States New Mexico
Channeled Scablands United States Washington
Dinosaur National Monument United States Colorado
Dinosaur State Park United States Connecticut
Grand Canyon United States Arizona
Green River Formation United States Midwest
Joggins Nova Scotia [[]]
Mount St. Helens United States Washington
Morrison Formation United States
Ogallala Formation United States Western
Petrified Forest National Park United States Arizona
White Sands National Monument United States New Mexico
Yellowstone National Park United States Wyoming
Zion National Park United States Utah
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