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Genetic entropy

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Genetic Entropy is the theory that genetic mutations are accumulating to an eventual extinction of all species. The theory was originally proposed by Joseph Muller in 1932 and named Muller's Ratchet[1], he imagined it as a means by which selection forced asexual populations to evolve sexual reproduction. The geneticist John C. Sanford has further expanded on the theory in a more realistic framework from the Biblical worldview, and published the work in a book titled Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome.[2]


Mendelian Inheritance in Man, Reported Genetic Disorders 1966 to 1999. The number of medically reported genetic disorders in 1966 was 1,487. The number reported by 1999 was 11,099. A curve of best fit has an R2 of 0.995. These data are evidence of devolution

One of the problems of the secular version of the theory is their belief that natural selection weeds out the deleterious mutations and solves the problem. But, natural selection can only select individuals and not mutations and since selection coefficients change over time there is no observable instance of favorable individuals either.[3]

The rate of deleterious mutations has been determined to be an incredible one per gamete. [4]

And the rate of known genetic disorders arising is solid confirmation of this fact.[5]

Biblical Perspective

Biological decay curve of Biblical Patriarchs
Main Article: Human longevity

Given the fact that the bible was written without any previous knowledge of genetics, it is highly unlikely that the ages and dates of the patriarchs given in the Bible would follow a biological decay curve predicted by genetic entropy by chance. Given these facts it is only reasonable that genetic entropy is not only a solid confirmation of genomic decline in which falsifies the central tenet of evolution, but makes clear predictions about the declining age of humanity over time as documented in the bible.[6]


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