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Genesis Expo

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Outside the Genesis Expo

The Genesis Expo is a creationist museum located in England. It is the largest creationist museum in the United Kingdom and the oldest in the world. The Expo is run by the Creation Science Movement. Portsmouth, where the Expo is located on the south coast of England, is a major touristic attraction. The Expo has a total of twelve different displays that help to make a valid argument for creationism based on scientific principles. The Expo attracts people from every walk of life and helps them get a better understanding of the differences in creationism and evolution. Because the Expo uses science to disprove evolution it is able to convince more people. Currently the museum is closed while it is being remodeled. They plan to reopen on Easter 2010 after remodeling is completed.

Genesis Expo
17-18 The Hard,
Portsmouth, PO1 3DT,4157
United Kingdom‎


Here Lies the Theory of Evolution.

The Expo contains twelve different displays. Each display has its own commentary which can be heard through four sets of headphones. There is a computer-run lighting system that highlights what the commentary is talking about. It takes thirty-five minutes to see and listen to all twelve displays. One of the displays contains a gravestone that reads "Here Lies the Theory of Evolution".[1] The displays cover a variety of topics. A few examples include:

  • Faults in the theory of forming life from chemicals
  • Chinese calligraphy that is referenced all the way back to Genesis
  • Animals today are unchanged when compared to old fossils
  • Geological sediments settled quickly
  • Genetics have proven that all humanity started from one man and one woman


Dinosaur on display at the Genesis Expo

The museum also has videos and books for sale. The information that these books and videos contain, for the most part, line up with the views of the Creation Science Movement. [3] Upon entering the museum there is a 20 foot model of a dinosaur named Boris (image at left). Along with the twelve displays there are many fossilized dinosaur eggs on display, and also a room that has a forty-five minute video that runs continuously. [4]


On January 10, 2010 the Genesis Expo was closed while they added an extension to the building. In January the Expo signed a contract that would allow them to double the area of the museum. They would do this by building a mezzanine floor above the present displays. The floor, which is made out of steel, will have a glass bannister with a steel staircase leading up to it. All the plans for the remodel were approved and the building will remain closed to the public until around Easter, when the first stage of the remodel is completed. In the future they plan to add an extension onto the rear of the building. [5]

They hope that the extension will help draw more people into the museum. This will give them the opportunity to tell visitors about the scientific evidence that supports Creation. They use scientific principles to support their argument about the misleading facts of evolution. This helps to draw people into a better understanding of why the scriptures refer to God as the creator.[5]


The Genesis Expo, which is located in the United Kingdom, is one of the largest Creationist Museums in the world. Portsmouth, the city where the museum is located, is a tourist attraction. It is near Portsmouth Harbour's railway station, and has a view of the HMS Warrior and historic dockyard. [1] They are open from 10am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. [6] There is no charge to get into the museum. [7]

Portsmouth, also called Pompey, is a city with a lot of history. Some of the big historical sights are the HMS Warrior, which was the first ironclad warship. The Warrior, along with other ships, are housed in the Historic Dockyard, one of the United Kingdom's top ten attractions, which is home to the Royal Navy. As well as the location of the very first dry dock. The city of Portsmouth has been the sight for the filming of many movies and tv programmes. [8]


The Genesis Expo is run by the Creation Science Movement in the United Kingdom. The Creation Science Movement was founded in 1932 and is the oldest creationist organization, started by a group of Christians and originally called the Evolution Protest Movement. The group was concerned about how evolution was unable to be scientifically proven. They were also concerned about the effects of Darwinism on society. The building that the expo is located in, was formely known as the National Provincial Bank. [9] The Creation Science Movement's main goals is to use scripture to prove creation, and to give speeches and lectures at universities. They also publish articles in the Creation journal that prove that the biblical account of creation is based off of science.[10]

The Creation Science Movement was led by Mr. Douglas Dewar and Captain Bernard Acworth. They had their very first Creationist meeting in London in 1932. They held their first public meeting on February 12, 1935. The goals that Sir Ambrose Fleming had back in 1935 are still the same main goals of the CSM. Today, the CSM has pamphlets that contain different subjects that relate to Creation. They also give evidence that supports Creation and fights against Evolution. It is published every other month with the Creation Journal. The Creation Journal contains up to date information in the news. The CSM gives lectures to colleges and churches through out the UK. The Creation Science Movement's states that "At heart CSM wishes to give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ who created man in the image of the Triune God and then stooped to redeem us." [11]


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