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Genesis Creation Science Institute

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The Genesis Creation Science Institute ( is a non-profit Christian apologetics ministry founded in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA and now headquartered in Flagstaff, AZ dedicated to teaching Biblical creationism for the origin of our universe, our world, and life as we know it.

The Genesis Creation Science Institute provides educational courses, presentations, and studies, as well as creation-themed trips, field work, and events. This includes hands-on educational classes in various fields of study that cover many topics in the areas of Astronomy, Biology, Geology, Paleontology, and more. They also run Genesis Camp (, a creation science themed day camp for students, designed to teach them about creationism and the scientific evidence for a young earth creation.

Ministry Branches

CreationTrip ( Custom trips and tours through God's creation. Designed for youth ministries, mission trips, churches, service projects, and other groups.

Southwest Christian Tours ( Creation-based tours through the American Southwest. For groups of all sizes.

London Christian Tour ( 7-day Christian tour of London, England. With focus on creation science, biblical archaeology, and church history.

Official links

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