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General epistles

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End of the Second Epistle of Peter and beginning of the First Epistle of John in the same column of the codex Alexandrinus.

The general epistles are termed as such because of the plurality of authors that wrote them. The general epistles were completed prior to 100 AD, with the third epistle of John being the latest.

General Epistles

General Epistles
Name Greek Latin Abbreviations Remarks
Epistle of James Ιακοβου Epistula Iacobi Jc
First Epistle of Peter Πετρου Α Epistula I Petri Pt
Second Epistle of Peter Πετρου B Epistula II Petri 2 Pt
First Epistle of John Ιωανου Α Epistula I Ioannis 1 J
Second Epistle of John Ιωανου B Epistula II Ioannis 2 J
Third Epistle of John Ιωανου Γ Epistula III Ioannis 3 J
Epistle of Jude Ιουδα Epistula Iudae Jd


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