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Scientific Classification



Gaviacetus is a primitive cetacean that assumed by evolutionists to be lived approximately 45 million years ago. Its name comes from the radicals 'Gavia', loon, and 'cetus' whale. Although often represented as having small hind limbs,[2] this is an inference by evolutionists from the general progression of other fossil species towards limb loss; the only postcranial remains found for Gaviacetus itself were a rib and two vertebrae.[3] The Gaviacetus was originally classified by Gingerich et al. as belonging to the genus Protocetidae in 1995 and after that, being described by Bajpai and Thewissen in 1998 as belonging to the genre Basilosauridae, but the genre was restored to Protocetidae in the paper of Geisler et al.[4]

At least three popular science books misspell this genus as Gaviocetus.[2][5][6]


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