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Footprints in the Ash

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Footprints ash.gif


By John Morris and Steven A. Austin.
128 page hardcover
ISBN 0890514003

Footprints in the Ash uses the eruption of Mount St. Helens to help us to understand many processes that occurred during the Genesis flood. These processes include rapid erosion and deposition of stratified sediments, including strata with fine laminations; the precursor sediments for coal; rapid canyon formation; the origin of “fossil forests;” and many others. This book contains abundant photographs and is written for the layman.

In the aftermath of the Mount St. Helens eruption and the subsequent glacier slide and mudflows, there remained a geologic gold mine for earth scientists. No natural disasters in recent history could compare with the variety of processes which resulted from this tectonic and volcanic event. As creation scientists have carefully studied this geological phenomenon, they have concluded that Mount St. Helens accomplished the same sort of geologic work that biblical creationists attribute to Noah’s flood. While this explosion was certainly much smaller in scale and intensity, many lessons were learned through this occurrence that help us understand the unobservable past.



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