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Floyd Nolen Jones

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Floyd Nolen Jones is an apparent Young Earth Creationist who supported a beginning age to life on earth of 4004 B.C.[1], consistent with Ussher's chronology, in his 1993 book, "The Chronology of the Old Testament, available at[2] Jones worked 14 years as a Paleontologist, Geophysicist, District Geophysicist, Geophysical Manager, and Regional Geophysicist with Texaco and Tenneco. He was selected to attend Division Manager School shortly before resigning his scientific career to pursue Biblical studies. He has a Ph.D. and Th.D. with majors in Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Theology, and Education from six institutions, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and is an ordained minister for the Southern Baptist Convention. According to his website, "Dr. Jones twice served as adjunct Professor at Continental Bible College in Brussels, Belgium and was Chairman of the Department of Biblical Chronology at Pacific International University."[3] He and his family (wife, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren) live in Texas.

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