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Flood and kinetic energy

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Kinetic energy [1] is the energy of motion. It is the scientific law that a body of mass has a result of its motion. Mathematically, it is defined as one-half the product of a body's mass and the square of its speed.

Rain and the Kinetic Energy Problem

When ever the global flood is debated, evolutionists often bring up the kinetic energy problem. The basics of this problem is that there would have to be so much rain fall to flood the whole earth in 40 days. That this rain would cause so much kinetic energy, it would broil the earth. And they would be right. But there is one thing that is not mentioned that evens this heat from kinetic energy out, so that it does not broil the earth as the earth floods.

Kinetic Energy versus the Sun's Energy

For it to rain enough to flood the whole earth, the clouds that hold the rain would be super thick and condensed. This would block all rays from the sun, and reflect them back into space. Therefore no green house effect. So the problem this would cause is that the earth would no longer have a heat source.

So for kinetic energy to broil the earth, first it would have to match the energy from the sun, then go beyond that with enough heat to cook the earth.

Averaged over an entire year and the entire Earth, the Sun deposits 342 Watts of energy into every square meter of the Earth*. This is a very large amount of heat—1.7 x 1017 watts of power that the Sun sends to the Earth/atmosphere system. For comparison, a large electric power plant would produce 100 million watts of power, or 108 watts. It would take 1.7 billion such power plants to equal the energy coming to the Earth from the Sun—roughly one for every three people on the Earth! [2]

So the figures above would have to be matched. It is not possible for rain fall to produce enough kinetic energy to go far beyond the sun's energy that is needed to broil the earth.

Kinetic energy was God's way of keeping the earth livable

During the 40 day rain, if kinetic energy was not being generated. The whole earth would have dropped several degrees. Possibly below freezing. So making it rain a certain amount required for the flood was God's way of producing enough kinetic energy to keep the earth warm enough so that Noah, and his family, plus the animals could survive once they were on dry land. This would also make it possible for any seeds from plants to grow instead of becoming dormant from the cold.

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