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Fire-bellied toad

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Fire-bellied toad
Fire-bellied toad.jpg
Scientific Classification

Genus: Barbourula

  • Barbourula busuangensis (Busuanga Jungle Toad)
  • Barbourula kalimantanensis (Kalimantan Jungle Toad)

Genus: Bombina

  • Bombina bombina (European Fire-bellied Toad)
  • Bombina fortinuptialis (Guangxi Fire-bellied Toad, Large-spined Bell Toad)
  • Bombina lichuanensis (Lichuan Bell Toad)
  • Bombina maxima (Giant Fire-bellied Toad, Large-webbed Bell Toad)
  • Bombina microdeladigitoria (Hubei Fire-bellied Toad, Small-webbed Bell Toad)
  • Bombina pachypus : Appenine Yellow-bellied Toad}
  • Bombina orientalis Oriental Fire-bellied Toad)
  • Bombina variegata (Yellow-bellied Toad)

Fire-bellied toads are any of the species of toads belonging to the taxonomic family Bombinatoridae. Other common names include ‘firebelly toad’ and ‘firebellied toad’.

Unlike the other toads and frogs, fire-bellied toads cannot fold out their disc-shaped tongue. This unique feature cause them to classified formerly under the family discoglossidae, instead they now have their own family name; Bombinatoridae.[1]


Toad bottom part.

The belly of these toads is a bright yellow or magenta from which it got it name. Some fire-bellied toads have extremely colorful spots on their back. Those living among vegetation are often camouflaged by being shiny olive with rare dark olive spots. They have pupil of the eye that is shaped triangular and they do not have external eardrum. [2]


Toad(Bombina) mating

Fire-bellied toads reproduce from early summer, May to late autumn, September. The males attach the females around the waist and females store (put) about three-hundred eggs. After about couple of months, eggs hatch and usual tadpoles change before November. Fire-bellied toads become adults around at the age of 3 and live for about 10-12 years. [3]


Fire-bellied toads discover across much of Asia and Europe, near the shore or staying in water. They are mostly active while the temperature reaches about 16~20°C (60°F) degrees. During the day, they spend most of their time hunting for foods in the water around the shore. During the night time, when there are more moistures in the air, they move onto ground to continue hunting. During the bad weather, windy or cold, their activity abilities get decreased. From early autumn to late spring, they hibernate in mud at the bottom of ground or ponds. Undoubtedly, fire-bellied toads display the unbroken reaction when endangered. Although they are covered with toxic skin, they still have lots of predators.[4]

Distribution and habitat

Toad distribution.

Fire-bellied toads live in Middle and Eastern Europe. Major nations that the fire-bellied toads are found are as noted as below: Denmark, Germany, Finland, Turkey, and Sweden. Fire-bellied toads prefer moisture conditions such as forests and wetlands. Mostly they found in freshwater: river valleys, ponds, bogs and ditches. They are also found in slowly moving water like springs, rivers, or streams. [5]


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