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EvoWiki[1] was a wiki encyclopedia with the purpose of providing educational information regarding evolution, and to combat arguments put forth by creationists, now currently locked for changes as part of the RationalWiki Foundation.

It was estimated that EvoWiki was started sometime around the summer of 2003. An exact date could not be found on their website. As of April 2011 the EvoWiki had 3,074 pages that were probably articles with legitimate content. There had been a total of 7,016,890 page views, and 46,742 page edits since the wiki was setup. T Much like the CreationWiki, the EvoWiki was been assaulted heavily with spambot activity.

EvoWiki's stated editorial policy was that:

The purpose of the EvoWiki is to provide a location for the collaborative writing of resources relating to Evolution, evolutionary science and creationism. These resources include an encyclopedia, popular-science articles, technical articles and indeed any other conceivable relevant use.

While most of the editors on EvoWiki are committed to accuracy and honesty, with any resource about a controversial subject you should always double-check any information before using it yourself. This is a wiki, and therefore should always be considered under construction.[2]

EvoWiki is now a project of the RationalWiki Foundation, and is locked to changes except for a few curator users.[3]

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