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Fall of Man by Lukas Cranach the Elder

Eve (Hebrew: חוה, Chavvāh; Arabic: حواء, Hawwa) (b. Born::4 Ethanim 1 AM) was the first woman created and the mother of all mankind.

Garden of Eden

Main Article: Eden

Eden is the name of the geographical region in the antediluvian world in which God created the Garden of Eden (Hebrew: גן עדן, Gān ʻĒḏen). God placed Adam in this garden, and he and Eve were to live there and care for it. The Garden of Eden is described in Genesis 2-3 .

Original Sin

Main Article: Fall of Man

According to the Bible, death came into the world as a result of the sin of Adam and Eve. The account in Genesis 2-3 states that God placed a Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, and gave Adam and Eve specific instructions not to eat from it. Despite this command and warning from God, Eve was tempted by a serpent and she ate of the fruit anyway, then gave some to Adam. This act of disobedience was the first time that humans had sinned against God, and is therefore, called the original sin.


Eve had two sons shortly after this unhappy episode: mother of::Cain and mother of::Abel. Cain later murdered Abel and was banished to a distant land. After this happened, Eve had another son: mother of::Seth (Genesis 4 ). The Bible says that she had many other sons and daughters (Genesis 5:3-5 ).

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