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Erroneous arguments

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On occasion creationists are known to use poor or outdated information in the process of contesting the claims of evolutionists. This page is a collection of arguments that are attributed to creationists, which should not be used. Despite the title, not all listed here are necessarily wrong. They may just be poor arguments, or unproven.

  • The Earth is Stationary - there are creationists who teach a Geocentric rather than Heliocentric solar system model.
  • No new species have formed - The creation model expects organisms to diversify, and during massive environmental influence, at a rapid rate in comparison to Darwinist predictions.
  • Noahs' Ark has been found - A boat-shaped formation near Mt. Ararat called the Durupinar site was discovered more than 40 years ago from aerial photographs. There are some creationists, such as the now deceased Ron Wyatt, who believe this boat-shaped mound is the remains of Noah's ark.
  • Charles Darwin recanted on his death bed - This is a fabrication originated by the evangelist Lady James Hope at a Seminary meeting in Massachusetts. There is no indication that Lady Hope was present during Darwin's last illness. Both Darwin's daughter Henrietta and his son Francis were present and they deny he made any such remark.
  • Moon dust thickness proves a young moon - It was argued that based on current measurements of cosmic dust and its estimated rate of accumulation, the moon must be very young. Based on subsequent measurements of accumulation rates, this argument is fallacious.
  • Men have fewer ribs than women - Men have the same number of ribs as women. In fact, when God used Adam's rib this would not have modified his genetic makeup. Adam still would have passed on the information for his sons to have the same number of ribs as he originally had. Not only that, but if rib bone is taken in a certain way, it can grow back.

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