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House of Cain

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Fernand-Anne Piestre Cormon's painting titled "Cain flying before Jehovah's Curse", c. 1880, Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

The House of Cain refers to all the named descendants of son of::Cain.


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Cain (Hebrew: קין, Qāyin; Greek: Κάϊν, Kaïn; Arabic: قابيل, Qābīl; "possession") was the original first-born of Adam. However, because he committed murder and thus lay under a curse from God, he lost whatever rights he had. Those rights devolved onto Seth, who was born to Adam and Eve after Abel was murdered and Cain banished.


Enoch (Hebrew: חנוך; Chănōḵ; "teaching, commencement") is the son of Cain and father of Irad (Genesis 4:18 ).

In addition, Cain built a city that he named Enoch, after his son (Genesis 4:17 ).


Irad (Hebrew: עירד, ʻĪrāḏ; "fleet") was the son of Enoch and father of Mehujael (Genesis 4:18 ). The Bible says nothing further about this man.


Mehujael (Hebrew: מחויאל, Məchūyāʼēl; "smitten by God") was the son of Irad and father of Methusael (Genesis 4:18 ). The Bible says nothing further about this man.


Methusael (Hebrew: מתושאל, Məthūshāʼēl; "man of God") is the son of Mehujael and father of Lamech the Murderer (Genesis 4:18 ). The Bible says nothing further about this man.


Lamech the Murderer (Hebrew: למך, Lāmeḵ; "lament, despairing" or למך הרוצח, Lāmeḵ HaRatsach; "Lamech the Murderer") (not to be confused with the other Lamech, the father of Noah) was the son of Methusael (Genesis 4:18 ). He is one of the most brazen of all Bible characters. He is best known for boasting to his two wives that he had killed two different men who each had wounded him in some way, and declared that if Cain would be avenged sevenfold, then he, Lamech, should be avenged seventy-seven-fold.

Genesis 4:19-24 describes Lamech's family.

Lamech was a polygynist, having two wives - Adah and Zillah. Adah bore him two sons, named Jabal and Jubal. Zillah bore him a son named Tubal-cain and a daughter named Naamah.


Adah (Hebrew: עדה, ʿĀḏāh; "ornament, dawn") was one of the two wives of Lamech the Murderer, and the mother of Jabal and Jubal (Genesis 4:19-21 ). The midrash known as Sefer HaYashar (and claiming to be the Biblical "Book of Jasher") claims that Adah and Zillah were the daughters of Cainan, the son of Enos, thus making Cainan and Lamech related by marriage.

"And when Cainan was seventy years old, he begat three sons and two daughters. And these are the names of the children of Cainan; the name of the first born Mahalaleel, the second Enan, and the third Mered, and their sisters were Adah and Zillah; these are the five children of Cainan that were born to him. And Lamech, the son of Methusael, became related to Cainan by marriage, and he took his two daughters for his wives, and Adah conceived and bare a son to Lamech, and she called his name Jabal. And she again conceived and bare a son, and called his name Jubal; and Zillah, her sister, was barren in those days and had no offspring. For in those days the sons of men began to trespass against God, and to transgress the commandments which he had commanded to Adam, to be fruitful and multiply in the earth. And some of the sons of men caused their wives to drink a draught that would render them barren, in order that they might retain their figures and whereby their beautiful appearance might not fade. And when the sons of men caused some of their wives to drink, Zillah drank with them. And the child-bearing women appeared abominable in the sight of their husbands as widows, whilst their husbands lived, for to the barren ones only they were attached. And in the end of days and years, when Zillah became old, the LORD opened her womb. And she conceived and bare a son and she called his name Tubal-Cain, saying, 'After I had withered away have I obtained him from the Almighty God.'" - Jasher 2:18-24


Jabal (Hebrew: יבל, Yāḇāl; "river, stream") is credited with being the originator of tent-dwellers and cattle ranchers (Genesis 4:20 ).


Jubal (Hebrew: יובל, Yūḇāl; "music") is credited with being the first professional musician (Genesis 4:21 ).


Zillah (Hebrew: צלה, Ẕillā; "shadow, shade") was one of the two wives of Lamech the Murderer, and the mother of Tubal-Cain and Naamah (Genesis 4:22 ).


Tubal-Cain (Hebrew: תובל קין, Tūḇāl Qāyin; "thou will be brought of Cain") was the son of Lamech the Murderer and Zillah, and brother of Naamah. He is credited with inventing or otherwise originating metalworking within the Antediluvian civilization of the Old Testament (Genesis 4:22 ).


Naamah (Hebrew: נעמה, Naʻamā; "pleasant") was the daughter of Lamech and Zillah, and sister of Tubal-Cain. The Bible only mentions the name of Naamah once. However, a number of Rabbinic extra-Biblical sources, such as the Rashi's (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki) comment on Genesis 4:22 in the Genesis Rabba midrash, alleged that she was the wife of Noah and joined him on the Ark. The Sefer HaYashar ("Book of Jasher") also mentions a Naamah as the wife of Noah, however this Naamah is identified as the daughter of Enoch, the grandfather of Noah (Jasher 5:15).