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Emil Silvestru

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Dr. Emil Silvestru

Dr. Emil Silvestru was born in a small Transylvanian town in 1954. By the time he was twelve his fascination with the natural caves and other such land features around his region had begun. He received his Master’s degree after five years of study, during which he had already begun to publish papers on karstology, from the state university of Cluj (Transylvania’s Capital). Dr. Silvestru spent the next seven years of his life studying geologic features, including the geology of different kinds of ore bodies. He began working at the Emil Racovitza Speleological Institute in 1986, just three years before the 1989 revolution against the communist government [1]. Dr. Silvestu received his Ph.D. in geology at the ‘Babes-Bolyai’ University in Cluj in karst sedimentology [2].

Dr. Silvestru was the head scientist at the world’s first Speleological Institute until 1997, when he became a researcher and speaker with Creation Ministries International. He has, to date, written one book, co-authored two books, written and published 41 scientific papers, and is considered a “world authority” on the geology of caves [3].

Dr. Silvestru turned to Christianity after numerous miraculous escapes from grave danger. He began regularly attending the services held by the church that his wife, Flory, attended. After he became a Christian, he knew he would have to rethink the way that some aspects of geology supposed “millions of years.” At first he tried to maintain a belief in the “Gap-Theory” of old earth creation science, but to his mind, it was an unsatisfactory way to explain the history of geologic formations. After many e-mail conversations with other creation geologists he came to believe in young earth creationism, that is to say, a literal interpretation of the bible [4].

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