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Eastern gorilla

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Eastern gorilla
Susa group, mountain gorilla.jpg
Scientific Classification
Scientific Name

Gorilla Beringei

Mountain Gorilla, Uganda (30026677731).jpg
Mountain Gorilla Eating

The eastern gorilla or well known as the Mountain Gorilla or the eastern lowland land gorilla because they are divided into two different subspecies,but today we will be focusing the endangered mountain gorilla. The mountain gorilla is usually very shy but threatened can become seriously aggressive.There are only 790 of them left in the world. [2]

Body Design

body of a mountain gorilla

The physical features of the Mountain gorilla (Eastern Gorilla). They weigh about 440 pounds and they can be tall as 4-5.5 ft standing on both feet. [3] Unlike their eastern Lowland cousin, the Mountain Gorilla has shorter arms and longer hair they are also bigger than other gorillas. [4] The Mountain Gorilla is also very broad chests and so are the shoulders, but has a short trunk. They have dwarfed eyes and ears. The fully grown adult male can grow twice a as large as the female.[5]

Life Cycle

Mother with Baby

The reproduction rates of a Mountain Gorilla are very slow. The female gorilla only gives birth every four years to one baby. A baby gorilla can way to about 4.4 only after the gestation period of 251-295 days. When the baby is born it stays with its mother for about 30-40 weeks. For twelve months the mother breastfeeds the infant for 12 months.Also at the age of 3-6 years, the gorilla’s are called juvenile.Juvenile’s are both male and female.The infant gorilla will stay with the mother for 3-4 years and will start to mature a the age of 11-12 years of age. [6]


Habitat Range Map

The Mountain Gorilla lives in the mountains and dense forest habitats and rain forests. Most of the other mountain gorillas are in national parks in Uganda, democratic republic of Congo, and Rwanda. Their diet is that they are vegetarians so they will eat celery, bamboo, thistles, stinging nettles, bedstraw. The Mountain Gorilla can live up yo 53 years for a max life span. The Mountain Gorilla are very shy, but when threatened they can get become very aggressive ,but usually the Mountain Gorilla does not go around looking for trouble.The Mountain Gorilla are usually in a pack of thirty.The leader of the pack can be identified if the have a silverback. The only predators to the Mountain Gorilla is the leopards and humans.[7]


Some other really interesting facts about the eastern gorilla are that since it is a mountain gorilla out of the subspecies of the eastern lowland gorilla is that the mountain gorilla is very much an endangered animal. Some reasons why are because a lot of humans have to start to live and build buildings in the mountain gorilla's territory. Another reason is that the gorilla's when they come into contact contrast human disease which they are not able to fight off and they die.[8] There are only about 790 mountain gorilla's left in the world and can soon become extinct [9]


Mountain Gorilla (Eastern Gorilla)


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