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Eastern Catholic Churches

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The Eastern Catholic Churches are autonomous (sui iuris) particular Churches that are in full communion with the Catholic Church and the Bishop of Rome — the Pope. They are described by Canon 27 of the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches as: "A group of Christian faithful linked in accordance with the law by a hierarchy and expressly or tacitly recognized by the supreme authority of the Church as autonomous is in this Code called an autonomous Church." In the original Latin, Coetus christifidelium hierarchia ad normam iuris iunctus, quem ut sui iuris expresse vel tacite agnoscit suprema Ecclesiae auctoritas, vocatur in hoc Codice Ecclesia sui iuris) Traditionally these Churches were located in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India but are now found throughout the world.

These Churches have also been known as Eastern Rites which refers to the liturgical rites used by many of these ancient Eastern Christian Churches that, while being part of the Catholic Church, are distinct from the Latin Rite or Western Church.

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