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David Menton

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David Menton

David Menton is a creation scientist, educator, speaker and author currently employed with Answers in Genesis. He has a PhD in Biology from Brown University and was previously a medical school professor at Washington University School of Medicine.

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Early History

David Menton grew up in a traditional Christian home in the city of Mankato, Minnesota. Menton was an only child. Growing up, Dr. Menton had a strong interest in science as a whole. Menton was so interested in science that he made himself a small chemistry laboratory in his basement. For his birthday or on Christmas, Dr. Menton would receive chemistry sets, microscopes, telescopes and binoculars, pretty much anything related or having to do with science. Dr. Menton held the position of a Sunday School teacher (for high school students), Church leader, and later on president of a congregation.[1]

Education and Work

Due to his love of science, Menton pursued the study of biology and chemistry in Minnesota State University, from where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in 1959. Dr. Menton served in the U.S. in a six month tour in the Army Reserves.

From 1960 to 1962 Menton worked as Biomedical Research Technician for two years in the Department of Dermatology at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

After that he did research concerning fatty acid deficiency and its effects on the epidermal barrier behavior of the skin and its structure at Brown University, from where he received a PhD in Biology in 1966.

After graduation from Brown University, Dr. Menton obtained a position in the Anatomy Department of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis where he taught on histology and human anatomy as well as doing research concerning those subjects. He was also a course master of microscopic anatomy at the university. Menton was awarded "Professor of the Year" by his senior class along with receiving multiple awards for his teachings and research. Dr. Menton also taught histology at Standford University Medical School. After 34 years serving as Associate Professor Emeritus, Menton retired in 2000.[1]

Current Activities

Dr. Mention is currently working for Answers In Genesis as a research and speaker.[2] He has many events scheduled for the upcoming year of 2012. Being a part of Answers In Genesis provides Dr. Menton the opportunity to teach overseas as well as throughout the United States. Dr. Menton is also currently a contributor to the Creation Museum where he gives workshops four times a week and works on new exhibits being prepared for display.[1]

Professional and Other Activities

Dr. David Menton's professional activities include being guest lecturer in gross anatomy, which is basically about the human body and all it entails. Menton was also a consulting editor in Histology for Stedman's Medical Dictionary which is known as a medical reference work in the standard form.

Menton has been vice president of a congregation of a Lutheran church in Missouri and the president of Missouri association for Creation. He Lectured throughout the U.S. and Canada over the controversy of creationism verses evolution. Menton was also a Technical Advisor for the Institute for Creation Research in San Diego, California.[2]

List of Achievements

  • Member of the American Association of Anatomists
  • Member of Sigma Xi
  • Silver Award for Basic Research from the American Academy of Dermatology
  • Given "Distinguished Service Teaching Award" from Washington University School of Medicine in 1991, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997
  • Named "Teacher of the Year" at Washington University School of Medicine in 1979
  • Elected "Professor of the Year" in 1998 by the Washington University School of Medicine Class of 2000
  • Profiled in 'American Men and Women of Science - A Biographical Directory of Today's Leaders in Physical, Biological and Related Sciences' for almost two decades.[2]

Dr. David Menton's Current Workshops

  • Microscarium— Dr. Menton provides a view into microscopic aquatic life using a phase contrast microscope and a video projector.
  • Ostoblast!— Dr. Menton demonstrates the diverse structures and function of bone in the human body which vary from the development of the bone itself to its microscopic structure as a whole.
  • The Hearing Ear and the Seeing Eye— Menton explains about the eye and the ear showing photographs, models and real human ears and eyes under a specified microscope.
  • Body of Evidence— Menton describes individual organs from a life size plastic replica of a human torso using a microscope to show us the workings of real tissue and organs.
  • Three Ways to Make an Apeman— Menton compares and contrasts real replicas of human, supposed apeman, and ape skulls showing us that the "apeman" skull can be confused for the ape or man skull.
  • Evolution: Not a Chance— Menton demonstrates the diverse improbability that we were formed from mere proteins and tests us through the formation of these proteins and life as a whole.[1]


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