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Deinosuchus hatcheri
Deinosuchus skull.jpg
Scientific Classification

Deinosuchus is a huge crocodilian found only in fossilized form. A 1954 find noted that the lower jaw was probably 1800mm (six feet)in length, and giving the full length of the animal as probably about 50 feet (15 meters).[1] It was at first known as Phobosuchus, but later the name stabilized as deinosuchus. In his preface, David Schwimmer notes that the characteristics such as snout constriction that identify a modern animal as a crocodile and not an alligator should not be applied, so that this animal should only be termed crocodilian.[2]


Fossils of Deinosuchus can sometimes be confused with fossil remains of a marine crocodile known as Thoracosaurus.[3]



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