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Scientific Classification
The common name of Botia almorhae is YoYo loach
Yoyo loaches.jpg

The cypriniformes are a taxonomic order of freshwater fish, which includes the minnows, carps, and loaches. It includes an estimated 3,268 species that are grouped into 321 genera. They are found distributed in Asia, and sometimes found in Australia and South America.

Japanese Koi, Cyprinus

The cypriniformes have a dorsal fin, and also have pharyngeal teeth which are located in the cypriniforme's throat. They have no teeth in mouth. From cypriniformes, the weberian apparatus is very important part. A dorsal fin can be divided two things. One of things is a fleshy adipose fin. The pharyngeal teeth can work instead of pharyngeal jaw on the base of the skull.[1]

The size of common Clown Fish is 1.5inches, and they can grow very quickly. When they faced dangerous situation, they use a weapon that is very powerful.[2] The common name of Botia Almorhae is YoYo Loach. Their lifestyle is like Clown fish. There are many fighting in their life. Because of this, they need hiding place and hide in there. Their body color is dark and it is changing to regular color. The body marking is different between a little fish and adult fish.[3]


Minnow's eggs can be found in algae or aquatic plants, and male fishes protect them around aquatic plants. For minnows lay eggs, they need to make their nest which have some general types. The nest must be a stone and it need a hole for putting eggs.[4] When female yoyo loaches have full of eggs, their bodies are swelling, and the male loach's color change to red around their mouth.[5]


Loaches, its family is cobitidae

The Cyprinidae is a biggest family of the cypriniformes. The carps and minnows also are part of Cyprinidae. They live in Africa, Eurasia, and North America and most of them always find freshwater to live but some of them like roach and bream, they live in brackish water. If Cyprinidae is a biggest group then small groups are Balitoridae and Psilorhynchidae. They are living in stream of mountain, and they eat algae and small invertebrates. The Catostomidae is also called suckers and they live around North America and Eastern Asia. The catostomidae looks like carps which is cyprinidae and they are huge. The Cobitidae are surviving in Eurasia and North African. The Cobitidae's acting is like catfish, and they always find food at night. At last, a small group of cypriniformes, Gyrinocheilidae live in Southeast Asia.[6] The cyprinidae, minnows can live in a short period of time, a little fish may live only 3~4years.[7] The common name of yoyo loach is Botia almorhae. They eat good quality flake, sinking pellets, algae wafers, chopped earthworms, frozen bloodwarm, mysis shrimp, cocktall shrimp.[8] The common name of Clown loach is Chromobotia macracanthus. They eat white mosquito larvae, and brine shrimp.[9]

Importance of Cypriniformes

The Cypriniformes are very important food fish in Europe and Asia, and some of Cypriniformes ar displaying in aquarium such as Goldfish and Koi. But some species effect on the environment badly. They couldn't clarify water so plants can't grow well. The Cobitidae and Gyrinocheilidae also are aquarium fish. [10]