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Cushites (Hebrew: כושים, Kūshīm) are the descendants of Cush, who was one of the sons of Ham who settled in Northeast Africa. In the Bible as well as secular history, a large region covering northern Sudan, modern day southern Egypt and parts of Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Somalia was known as Cush. There is also some contention that Cush was also present in southern Arabia.

Cush is often considered to be the progenitor of the Black race in general.



In the 8th century BC (799-700 BC) the Cushite King Piye invaded and subsequently conquered Egypt and Piye's brother, Shabaka setup the 25th Dynasty of the Cushite empire.[1] Later moving the capital in the mid 7th century to Meroe (modern day Sudan) where Cushites rule for another millennium.[2]


The Nuba peoples that live in the Nuba mountains in Sudan, Africa consider themselves modern day descendants of the Cushite people mentioned in the biblical record.[3]

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