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Cush (man)

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Cush (Hebrew: כוש, Kūsh; "Name means::black") was the eldest son of Son of::Ham, brother of Canaan. and the father of Nimrod, according to Genesis 10:6 .


Y-Chromosomal Haplogroup E* and E2. Genesis 10:6 lists the sons of Cush as Father of::Seba, Havilah, Father of::Sabtah, Father of::Raamah, and Father of::Sabteca. However, Genesis 10:8 also states that Cush was the father of Father of::Nimrod; this may indicate that another Cush is referred to in verse 8, or that Nimrod was descended from Cush via some generations that aren't listed (as was sometimes done in Biblical genealogies).

The sons listed in verse 6 settled in Africa, southern Arabia, and India, while Nimrod's kingdom is clearly in Mesopotamia. The most likely explanation is that Nimrod was indeed a son of Cush, but because of some quarrel he became estranged, and so settled elsewhere; this estrangement also could explain Nimrod's exclusion from verse 6.

His descendants are the Progenitor of::Cushites, who settled in the land of Cush. In addition, he is often considered to be the progenitor of the Black race in general.

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