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Cush (land)

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Landscape of Nubia
Cush redirects here. For the article on the son of Ham, see Cush (man).

Cush (Hebrew: כוש, Kûš) is the name of a geographic area mentioned in the Bible located on the upper Nile, south of Egypt namely Nubia or northern Sudan, 'Ethiopia' of classical writers.[1] The territory would be better designated as Nubia, the region south of the first cataract of the river Nile.[2] It was settled by the Cushites (or Ethiopians).

The first mention of the term Cush is in Genesis 2:13 when mention the river Gihon, the second arm of the River Eden, which surrounded the land of Cush. But this, as well as Genesis 10:8 , is a reference to an early Mesopotamian Cush, Asiatic, probably the Kassites.[3] The Topaz came from Cush Job 28:19 . The wife of Moses was a cushite making her the target of criticism from Miriam and Aaron as in Numbers 12:1 .[4]

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