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Creationists are people who hold to the belief that the universe and life on Earth were created by God. Creationism typically stems from a religious worldview, and most creationists use information provided by religious texts when forming theories regarding the nature of the world. Jews and Christians rely upon the Bible as an insightful reference, whereas Muslims use the Qur'an. In contrast, intelligent design is not religiously based, but instead argues exclusively from emperical evidence that the universe was created.

Creation science is philosophically based on the presupposition of a creation event. Within the creationist community there are those who belief the earth is young, and others who accept modern age dating techniques as valid indicators of an old earth. While most scientists today are atheists, there are a great many scientists alive today and from history who are creationists.

Non Scientists

The following is a list of persons (non-scientists) who are actively and substantially involved in creation missions.


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The following people are modern day advocates of creation science who have one or more graduate degrees in a science discipline.

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Historical Scientists

The achievements and contributions of creation scientists in the history of science cannot be denied. Many of the founding fathers of various fields of science were creationists.

The following list of people are historic creation scientists. During their life they had a firm belief in God and either possessed one or more graduate degrees in a science discipline or contributed substantially to the field of science.

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Henry M. Morris (1918 – 2006)

Historical Non Scientists

The following is a list of well known persons (non-scientists) who were actively involved in creation missions, but are now with the Lord.

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