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Creationist achievements

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Many anticreationists assert that the modern creationist movement has done very little to advance scientific research. However, this can be shown not to be true. The following is a list of 10 advancements in various fields of science brought to you by creationists within the last 50 years.

The MRI machine

Dr. Raymond Damadian played a critical role in the invention of the MRI Machine, which helps save thousands of lives every year. Sadly, Damadian was denied a Nobel prize because he was a creationist.

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General Intelligent Design

Herrman's theory of General Intelligent Design, not to be confused with the intelligent design theories of Behe, et al, has produced monumental break through in the fields of theology and science. This resulted in Herrmann's 1996 Templeton Prize nomination.

Dr. Herrmann has answered the most fundamental question associated with the relationship between theology and science. Can certain theological concepts be investigated by means of the scientific method? For hundreds of years, such philosophers as Feuerbach, Marx, Engels as well as many present day philosophers and scientists have claimed that theological concepts were scientifically irrational and thus could not be investigated by scientific means. Like most questions in science a simply stated question is often the most difficult to answer. Indeed, this question could not be answered explicitly until after Abraham Robinson, in the 1960s, had discovered and developed the new mathematical techniques called Nonstandard Analysis. These are the techniques, coupled with exceptional creativity and innovation, that Dr. Herrmann has used to answer this question affirmatively and, hence, he has shown that this claim is false. Moreover, as described below, his methods, at the least, have extraordinary and startling application to three major and fundamental theological concepts.


His theories also have shown to be a viable option when considering a theory of everything.

The General Intelligent Design interpretation (GID) is developed by using these intelligent agent signatures. I originated the notion that a theory of everything can be interpreted in this dual manner. That is, that all of the physical processes that have formed our universe and control all aspects of natural-system behavior, as well as the results of such processes, can be interpreted as designed by intelligent agency.

Polonium halo research

Even if one disagrees with Robert Gentry's interpretation of Polonium (Po) halos, one must admit that Gentry's research has brought advances in our understand of Po halos. For years, Gentry was considered the world's authority on the topic and he has published many papers on the topic in secular journals. Without his work, our understand of the formation of granite would be decades behind what it is now.

Pisco formation

Main Article: Pisco Formation

Coral growth rate

Ariel Roth did ground-breaking research on the growth of coral.

Example papers:

  • Roth, A.A., C.D. Clausen, P.Y. Yahiku, V.E. Clausen, and W.W. Cox. 1982. Some effects of light on coral growth. Pacific Science 36:65-81.
  • Roth, A.A. 1974. Factors affecting light as an agent for carbonate production by coral. (Abstract) Geological Society of America Abstracts 6:932.
  • Hodges, L.T. and Roth, A.A. 1986. Orientation of corals and stromatoporoids in some Pleistocene, Devonian, and Silurian reef facies. Journal of Paleontology 60:1147-1158.

Light ion-fusion target theory

Russell Humphreys has contributed much to light ion-fusion target theory.


Dr. John R. Baumgardner developed a ground-breaking computer model known as TERRA, a 3-D spherical-shell finite-element model for the earth's mantle. It has played a major role in the development of the Catastrophic Plate Tectonics model and has been used by secular geophysicists in modeling plate movement.

GPS mapping

Art Chadwick has developed a new tool for paleontologists.

Taphonomic and related sedimentary studies depend upon precise information about field relationships for reconstruction of events in the history of burial and fossilization of organisms. Until recently, this meant overlaying the field relationships with a physical grid and sketching the details in two dimensions. While this technique has been satisfactory for preserving relationships in two dimensions, the procedure left three-dimensional relationships very difficult to reconstruct. We have applied high-resolution GPS mapping and digital photography to a taphonomic quarry, and have satisfactorily reconstructed the field relationships in three dimensions using Arcview GIS software.


The Coconino sandstone

Leonard Brand, et al., did ground-breaking research on the Coconino sandstone and challenged our understanding on how we should interpret sandstone in the fossil record.

Sedimentation experiments

Berthault has done much work on improving our understanding of the formation of varves and has shown many geological features may be formed quickly via flood.

  • Berthault, G., 1986. Sedimentology-experiments on lamination of sediments. C.R. Academie or Science (Paris), 303 (Series II, no. 17):1569-1574 (EN Tech. J., 3, 1988, pp. 25-29).