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Creation scientist

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A contemporary creation scientist is a person who is formally trained in a science discipline, but who approaches a field of study and/or research from the belief that the universe was created by God. Those listed here have at least a Masters degree in a science discipline. Many are actively engaged in research and publish in peer review journals.


The following people are modern day advocates of creation science who have one or more graduate degrees in a science discipline.

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The RATE group scientists gathered in San Diego for their fifth annual meeting on July 27-28, 2001. Left to Right: Bill Hoesch, Steven Boyd, Donald DeYoung, Steven Austin, John Baumgardner, Russell Humphreys, Andrew Snelling, Eugene Chaffin, John Morris. Front: Larry Vardiman, Chairman.


The achievements and contributions of creation scientists in the history of science cannot be denied. Many of the founding fathers of various fields of science were creationists.

The following list of people are historic creation scientists. During their life they had a firm belief in God and either possessed one or more graduate degrees in a science discipline or contributed substantially to the field of science.

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Henry M. Morris (1918 – 2006)

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