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Creation Worldview Ministries

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Creation Worldview Ministries reintroduces fact and perspective into debates which have been dominated by pseudoscience and, thus, helps to improve public understanding of the Bible's incredibly accurate perspective on the origins and history of our world.

In pursuit of this goal, Creation Worldview Ministries seeks to:

  • Provide worldwide biblical and scientific seminars, university lectures, books, DVDs and CDs concerning the truths of biblical foundations, especially Biblical Scientific Creationism.
  • Be a part of the revitalization of classical Christian intellectual activity for the preservation, promotion and propagation of a Christian Biblical Worldview.
  • Expose the claims of junk, consensus and imaginary science.
  • Be watchful for genuine discoveries which contribute to our greater understanding of our origins.
  • Avoid herd-instinct science.

Name::Creation Worldview Ministries
Address::4698 Hall Road
 City::OrlandoFL Zip::32817

Phone: Phone::(407) 678-8234

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