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Creation Studies Institute

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We believe that God has called this ministry to serve the church community, the general public,and the academic community with the purpose of promoting the biblical foundation of creation so thatultimately, the lost will be led totheir Creator, and Christians will become stronger in their faith. Our goal is to disseminate information that supports the origins of man and the universe as stated in the literal interpretation of the Genesis account. We are equipping the saints and reaching the lost through exemplary educational programs, exciting creation field expeditions, hands-on workshops, seminars, and an on-campus interactive creation science center and museum.


It's no secret that the lie of evolution has become a stumbling block for many on their path to salvation. CSI is called to remove this stumbling block by teaching the truth that God is our Creator, that we are made in His image, and that by Him and through Him, all things were made.

The number of Christian believers is growing exponentially and these new believers long to make a difference in our culture. Many, if not all of them, have been indoctrinated with evolutionistic teaching and need to be retrained and taught the truth about our origins. One way to do this is through the development of a training course, which will include curriculum to train students of all ages in such a way that they, in turn, can train others.

CSI has developed a strategy to combat the dogmatic teaching of evolution in public schools by exposing the brainwashing, censorship, and deception that is taking place. Pamphlets and brochures will address the specific fallacies of evolution that appear in the science textbooks and on popular science web sites. These pamphlets can easily be duplicated and distributed.

CSI offers adult education classes scheduled throughout the year, covering many different topics on the evidences for Creation. These leadership training courses equip pastors, teachers, parents, and others to better defend their faith. We also sponsor and host seminars featuring nationally renowned leaders and speakers, all bringing glory and honor to Jesus Christ as Creator.


Creation Studies Institute
Adminstrative Offices
P.O Box 666837
Pompano Beach, Florida 33066
Phone: 800-882-0278

Creation Discovery Museum
2701 West Cypress Creek Road
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309


CSI’s 4-minute radio spots are powerful, exciting and informational. These spots have unique styling. Their humor adds novelty to the radio programming. Tom DeRosa answers questions with knowledge and excitement, giving out golden nuggets of creation evidences the listening audience can use to come closer to their Creator, and be a stronger witness for Jesus Christ. Visit our website for archived programs. [1]

This magazine is full of informative articles with spectacular photographs, based on years of scientific research experience. [2]

Our ministry has discovered that while many educational centers/museums have extensive programs showing many of God’s wonderous works, almost none of them have attributed the works to God, but to evolution. There is a need in the community for an interactive creation museum. The Lord has blessed us with an incredible amount of bone and fossil material from our creation excursions, like the Ice Age Fossil Adventures.

These exhibits are now in our Creation Museum displayed for everyone to see! We welcome groups and individuals of all ages.[3]


CSI offers workshops designed to enhance the learning experience through creative hands-on activities. Local Christian schools, homeschool families, and the general public have all benefited from this enjoyable program. CSI is currently offering an elementary science program, an after school program and a creation adventure summer camp.[4]

Creation Events

Dinosaur Excavations:

Looking for discovery and adventure? Be a part of our professional dinosaur excavations and gain a greater and deeper understanding of who God is by observing first-hand the geological and biological evidences around you.[5]

Ice Age Fossil Adventures:

This weekend activity involves family, friends, fellowship, food, fun, fossils, and faith. Join us on the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida, as we canoe and hunt for fossils in Bone Valley, where thousands of Ice Age creatures are still buried.[6]

Creation Fellowship:

A monthly event that is designed for the entire family. While adults are enjoying teachings on creation, the children engage in exciting hands-on activities on the same topic. Your family will be in one accord, and your ride home will never be the same.[7]

Speaking Engagements:

Tom DeRosa and other CSI representatives are available for creation presentations to churches, schools, seminars, and homeschool groups. He has creation topics for children and adults. His enthusiasm and his love for the Lord is contagious, and his knowledge of creation is beyond compare![8]