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Creation Science Movement

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Originally founded as the Evolution Protest Movement in 1932, the Creation Science Movement is the oldest Creationist organization. It was originally founded by educated men that sought to expose the various flaws in the Darwin's evolutionary theory. Currently, the CSM is located in England, sending out several publications and operating a museum that supports Creationism. Their goal was and continues to be to serve and honor God through their ministry.

Creation Science Movement
PO Box 888
Portsmouth PO6 2YD, England UK
Phone: 02392-293988


John Ambrose Fleming (1849-1945), one of the founders of the EPM
The Creation Science Movement was originally founded in 1932 as the Evolution Protest Movement, making it the oldest creationist movement in history. The organization's purpose was and continues to be to protest Darwin's theory of evolution and the subsequent effects of atheistic humanism. [1] Prior to the EPM (Evolution Protest Movement), British creationists were divided and not organized. Not only was the EPM the first to organize scientific creationists in England, but it was also the first creationist organization in the world. The Evolution Protest Movement was founded by Mr. Douglas Dewar, Captain Bernard Acworth, and Sir John Ambrose Fleming in England. These men were leading members of the Victoria Institute that were concerned about the scientific, ethical, and theological repercussions following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.[2][3][4] Mr. Douglas Dewar was a barrister and published ornithologist.[5] Captain Bernard Acworth, DSO developed the ASDIC sonar device, was a writer, and carried on a correspondence with well-known author C.S. Lewis. In his correspondence with Lewis, Acworth explained the faults in evolutionary theory, influencing Lewis to express doubt over the validity of that theory.[6][7] Sir John Ambrose Fleming, an English physicist and electrical engineer, was credited with the invention of the thermionic valve.[8][9] The first meeting of this new Creationist organization occurred at 21 Essex Gardens, The Strand, London, in 1932.[10] On February 12, 1935, Sir Ambrose Fleming presided over the first public meeting of the EPM with over 600 attendants.[11] There he declared that Darwinian theory did not have enough scientific evidence and that the characteristics of man, the intellectually, spiritual, and physical aspects, were not evident in animals. He also suggested that by accepting the evolutionary point of view, mankind was denying religion and therefore morality.[12] Since the time of this declaration and the beginning of the movement, the Evolution Protest Movement changed its name to the Creation Science Movement and has since continued to fulfill its initial purpose for more than 70 years. They are currently recognized as a charity and as a member of the Evangelical Alliance.


An image from the organization's website, describing its purpose
Since the very beginning of the EPM, the Creation Science Movement has been motivated by a sense of high purpose. CSM believes that the acceptance of evolutionary theory has brought atheistic humanism to the world. They acknowledge the fact that growing problems in the world, such as fragmented family units, abortion, and child abuse, come as a result of growing atheism and belief in evolutionary theory. The goal of the CSM is to provide scientific evidence that supports Creation and the existence of a Creator (God).[13] CSM considers the Bible, in its entire context, as completely true and also considers it as the ultimate authority on both scientific and spiritual matters. Their ultimate goal is to glorify God, the one who lovingly created and redeemed us.

Currently, CSM publishes monthly pamphlets, together with the Creation Journal, that delivers news and information relating to the Creation/Evolution issue. These great resources address issues such as alleged vestigial organs, ape men, and incorrect radiometric dating methods of rock. CSM also provides educated speakers whose arguments for Creation use scientific evidence. These lecturers travel throughout the UK to universities and church groups. They have also been known to tour in other countries, educating people with scientific evidence of creation that has been widely ignored by the public education system and the media.[14]

The Aims of the Creation Science Movement

We aim:

  • To show that the Scriptures, and in particular those that bear on Creation, are reliable.
  • To lecture on Creation Science at universities, schools and churches.
  • To publish and distribute the journal 'Creation', pamphlets, books, video and audio tapes demonstrating that the biblical account of special Creation is supported by true science.[15]

Genesis Expo

The exterior of the Genesis Expo, a museum run by the Creation Science Movement
The display at the entrance of the Genesis Expo
The Genesis Expo, also called the Genesis Exhibition, is the largest creationist museum in the UK. Run by the Creation Science Movement (or CSM), it's located in Portsmouth, England, by the railway station at Portsmouth Harbor.[16]The museum is open from 10:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on Tuesdays through Sundays. The expo consists of a video room, 12 main displays, and a genuine clutch of fossilized eggs. The displays are creation-themed dioramas that discuss the impossibility of life forming from chemicals, how modern forms and fossil counterparts are still the same, the possibility of geological sediments being laid down rapidly, how genetics prove that all people descend from one man and woman, and many other topics. The dioramas have accompanying commentaries that can be heard on earphones provided by the museum.[17] Along with their displays, the museum offers a selection of books and videos that conform to the views held by the CSM.[18] The Genesis Expo is an important and valuable resource and display of creation science.


Creation: Journal of the Creation Science Movement

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