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Creation Science League

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The Creation Science League is a gathering of creationist speakers and organizations who have chosen to share at least some of their written or video materials freely. It is a group that has decided to actively participate in the fight of good and evil by promoting an understanding of creation and by taking a stand against the fallacy of evolution. It is also a place where believers, both professional and hobbyist, are given opportunities to share and distribute written, audio, or video messages to other believers and to the general public.

It was started in April of 2011 by Todd Elder. The Creation Science League website contains a description and web links for the various members. It has also begun a Facebook page and channels on Godtube and Youtube.


Creation in Scripture, Science, and Society: the Creation Science League Notebook 2012 Edition, by Todd Elder, serves as an outline regarding the evidence for Creationism. It is designed to be a central location where people can record all of their Creation Science notes from either Creation Science League members or other creationist presentations.