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Creation Research Society

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The Creation Research Society is the oldest creation science organization in the United States. It was established due to an inability of creation scientists to publish in peer review journals. Upon their incorporation, the CRS almost immediately began publishing the Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ), which has been in circulation since 1964. The CRS also established a research facility to assist creation scientists in their research efforts. The Van Andel Creation Research Center is located in north-central Arizona.

The primary functions of the Society are:

  • Publication of a quarterly peer-reviewed journal.
  • Conducting research to develop and test creation models.
  • The provision of research grants and facilities to creation scientists for approved research projects.
  • Providing qualified scientists to speak to groups or churches.
From the CRS website - The Creation Research Society is a professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation. The Society was organized in 1963 by a committee of ten like-minded scientists, and has grown into an organization with worldwide membership.

Creation Research Society
6801 N. Hwy 89
Chino Valley
Phone: 928-636-1153

Board of Directors

The 2010 CRS Board of Directors at their annual meeting. Seated Left to Right: Glen Wolfrom, Don DeYoung, Dave Kaufmann. Standing Left to Right: Jean Lightner, Ted Aufdemberge, Kevin Anderson, Diane Anderson, Mark Armitage, Mike Oard, Ron Samec, Russ Humphreys, Gene Chaffin, Gary Locklair, Danny Faulkner (seated on wall). Not present: John Reed, Dave Rodabaugh. Kevin Anderson is Director of the CRS Van Andel Creation Research Center, and his wife Diane is Administrative Assistant.
Kevin L. Anderson, CRSQ Editor-in-Chief (not a board member)

Ph.D. Microbiology, Kansas State University Director of CRS Van Andel Creation Research Center

Mark H. Armitage

M.S. Biology, ICR Graduate School Surgical Microscope Sales Rep. for Micro Specialist

Theodore P. Aufdemberge, Financial Secretary

Ph.D. Physical Geography, Univ. of Michigan Prof. of Geography and Earth Science, Concordia College (retired)

Eugene F. Chaffin, Vice President, CRSQ Physics Editor

Ph.D. Physics, Oklahoma State Univ. Prof. of Physics, Bob Jones Univ.

Donald B. DeYoung, President, CRSQ Book Review Editor

Ph.D. Physics, Iowa State Univ. Prof. of Physics, Grace College

Danny R. Faulkner

Ph.D. Astronomy, Indiana Univ. Prof. of Astronomy and Physics, Univ. of South Carolina (Lancaster)

D. Russell Humphreys

Ph.D. Physics, Louisiana State Univ. Research Physicist, Sandia National Laboratories (retired) Institute for Creation Research

David A. Kaufmann, Secretary

Ph.D. Anatomy, Univ. of Iowa Prof. of Exercise Science, Univ. of Florida (retired)

Jean K. Lightner

D.V.M., M.S. Veterinary Preventive Medicine, The Ohio State Univ.

Gary H. Locklair

Ph. D. Computer Science, Nova Southeastern University Professor and Chair of Computer Science, Concordia University Wisconsin

Michael Oard

M.S. in Atmospheric Science, Univ. of Washington Lead forecaster, National Weather Service (retired) Answers in Genesis

John K. Reed, CRSQ Geology Editor

Ph.D. Geology, Univ. of South Carolina

David J. Rodabaugh

Ph.D. Mathematics, Illinois Inst. of Technology Sr. Scientist, Uni-Pixel Displays

Ronald G. Samec, CRSQ Astronomy Editor

Ph.D. Physics, Clemson Univ. Prof. Physics and Astronomy, Bob Jones Univ.

Glen W. Wolfrom, Membership Secretary, Creation Matters Editor

Ph.D., Animal Science, Univ. of Mo. Principal Clinical Research Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.


The Creation Research Society has many speakers who are very educated in Physics, Atmospheric Science, Human Anatomy, Microbiology, and Biology. The Creation Research Society can provide speakers at your group or church. Here are a list of the speakers along with their profile.

To schedule and of these speakers, contact Creation Research Society at (928) 636-1153, or email them at


Main Article: Van Andel Creation Research Center

The Van Andel Creation Research Center is located on five acres fronting U.S. Highway 89, five miles north of Chino Valley, Arizona. The center is located in biological and geological areas of great importance to the creationist position. Also the center is located in near by the Grand Canyon(in two hours drive), which is one of the important sources of Creation Research.

They also have a publications building, so they can store their journals, called "CRSQ", creation books and tapes. The building have rooms for shipping, storing books and another large stuffs.

They have a research library. The library now holds more about 3,000 technical scientific works and 500 reprints. Those are not only for the Creation research, but also for the Evolutionary research. Because they have both information, they can research on their projects more neutrality and more definitely.


In the research center, there are lots of equipments that can help research about creation, so the people in the group can research or get information easier. They have these equipments.

  • Astronomical Telescope
  • Greenhouse
  • Publications Building
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Stardust Meteor Observatory
  • Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatograph
  • Various Light Microscopes
  • Microscope Slide preparation equipment
  • Electronics shop (modestly-equipped)
  • Mechanical shop (partially- equipped)
  • Analytical balance
  • Lab rock crusher.
  • Centrifuges
  • Lab ovens

For more information go to VACRC

Published Materials

There are two publications currently put out by the Creation Research Society. These are the CRS Quarterly and Creation Matters. You can find all of the abstracts from CRSQ under abstracts. All of the selected articles for CRSQ can be found under selected articles.


The CRSQ is a peer-reviewed scientific periodical that has been in print ever since 1964 through the Creation Research Society. It includes academic articles where the most important scientific disciplines, and a new point of view on science and the general public as impacted by origins with an emphasis on scientific evidence supporting: intelligent design, a recent creation, and a catastrophic worldwide flood are supported.

Annual subscription costs for CRSQ:

  • $35 USA (free shipping)
  • $42 Foreign Surface Mail
  • $50 Foreign Air Mail, Canada/Mexico
  • $65 Foreign Air Mail, all others

Creation Matters is published by the Creation Research Society and is given to members every other month. This periodical contains both generally interesting news for creationists as well as scientific news about creation and evolution. More information on the purpose of this periodical and how you can take part in it is provided in the premier issue of Creation Matters.

Educational Outreach

There are many speakers in the group, so they can go lecture to groups or churches. More information about speakers and scheduling, go to LIST OF SPEAKERS.

CRS has many ways to educate Creation. Especially, they have pretty many Videos, DVDs, and CDs. So that people can get the information or interesting. By becoming the member of the CRS, get the CRS journals. Unfortunately, they don't have radio programs.