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Creation Association of Puget Sound

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The Creation Association of Puget Sound (CAPS) is a non-profit 501c3 organization of Christians committed to a full belief in the record of the Bible, creation and the idea that the facts of science and history support this belief. The CAPS members are opposed to the highly biased presentation of evolutionary views in public schools, colleges, and the media. The basic goal of CAPS is to spread the abundance of scientific evidence that supports the Biblical account of creation and a young earth.

Creation Association of Puget Sound

To communicate to schools, churches, and the general public, scientific as well as Biblical evidence, which supports creation and contradicts evolution.


Reverend Walter Lang founded the national Bible-Science Association in 1964 as a non-profit educational association. The Seattle Bible-Science Association branch was founded in 1967. In 1989 the SBSA was added as an independent organization. In the SBSA was renamed the Creation Association of Puget Sound in 1998 to better represent its work and the area it covered.


Their objective is to further the cause of creationism by whatever means they can that done with faith in Christ as our only savior and in keeping with good order. To work along with other creation organizations. To promote creation research of the highest and most productive quality. To uphold the creation approach to education in churches, schools, and homes.

Sphere of Operation

CAPS is a religious and educational association, yet it does not wish to enter into the area of religion of Christianity in general, or into politics. CAPS may encircle various Christian and educational groups without entering into differences between these groups, besides their effect on the proper understanding of the relation between the Bible and science. CAPS is able to help people in working together on the issue of creation even though these same people may differ widely regarding to issues. CAPS strives to relate the Bible to the disciplines of science and technology in the world of educational and in industry.

Statement of Belief

1. Special Creation; i.e. creation is not the result of development from one form of life to another. - (Genesis 1:1 )

2. Literal or natural interpretation of the Bible, considering the Bible to be accurate in all its statements, including those pertaining to history and science. - (II Peter 1:20,21 ) (II Tim. 3:16 )

3. Divine design and purpose in nature, as opposed to random chance development. (Jeremiah 10:12 )

4. A relatively young earth, as opposed to an earth billions of years old. - (Romans 9:28 )

5. A worldwide flood in the days of Noah. - (Genesis 6:17 )

6. Jesus Christ as God and man and our only Lord and Savior. - (Acts 4:12 )(II Cor. 5:19 )

7. Final Day of judgment on the earth, destruction by fire, which will come suddenly as it did by water in the days of Noah. (II Peter 3:3-10 )

Board of Directors