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CreationWiki:Terms of Service

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Terms of service
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All CreationWiki editors are required to abide by these Terms of Service, policies, and any administrative directives that may arise. Violations are considered acts of vandalism and may result in a block of the users IP address.

Creationist POV
The purpose of the CreationWiki is to provide an encyclopedic archive of information relevant to the study of creation apologetics. As such, articles must be written from the "Creationist point of view" (CPOV), which holds that the universe and life on Earth were created by God.


Main Article: Editors

Only creationists are permitted to edit articles. Non-creationists (or atheists) are prohibited from making any changes to articles, except for spelling and grammar corrections. However, anyone is welcome to review article content using the discussion pages adjoining any specific article.


Main Article: Citing sources

All article content must be supported by citations where the information can be verified. This should be done by providing in-text references and a full citation in a Bibliography at the footer of the article. The preferred formats for the in-text and Bibliographic references are specified here.

Uploading files

Main Article: Upload policy

All files uploaded to the CreationWiki must be free prohibitions for use on this site based on U.S. or international copyright restrictions. When uploading a file, users are required to specify the copyright status and source of the file, along with the necessary reference where verification can be obtained.


Main Article: Recommend deletion

It is not permitted to delete article content. The final judgement of whether to allow or disallow submissions of material is reserved for the administration. Use the discussion pages to discuss the removal of a portion of an article, or the recommend deletion procedure to have an entire article removed.


Main Article: Discussion policy

The CreationWiki is not a discussion forum and we discourage our editorial staff from using it as such. The discussion pages are only to be used for CreationWiki article reviews or other topics specifically related to CreationWiki content.

Editors should recognize that the creationist community is divided on a great many issues, and disagreements will arise. However, all those that put forth effort in the development of the CreationWiki should be considered fellow missionaries in the creation vs. evolution worldview conflict and treated with the utmost respect. Personal attacks or derogatory comments directed at fellow editors, the creationist community at large, the CreationWiki, or its staff are not permitted.