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The CreationWiki is not a discussion forum or bulletin board and we discourage our editorial staff from using it as such. The discussion pages are only to be used for CreationWiki article reviews or other topics specifically related to CreationWiki content. However, discussion is a critical part of any collaborative efforts and editors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the discussion function on the CreationWiki. Consult the discussion help page for assistance in using "Talk pages".


Professional decorum is mandatory on all discussion pages. While reviewing articles, please keep your comments constructive rather than critical. Article discussion should be used as an opportunity to provide potential editors with information that will help clarify, strengthen, and improve accuracy.

While usertalk pages are publically accessible, they should be considered private, and respected like any other form of communication. It is inappropriate to read messages that have been left on the usertalk pages of other members. Please respect these pages as personal property.

Rules of participation

  • Please be respectful and courteous while reviewing articles.
  • Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Derogatory comments directed at the creationist community are not permitted.
  • Discussion must remain on the topic of CreationWiki and its content.
  • Spamming is not permitted. (posting similar messages to more than a few users' talk pages, often for the purpose of soliciting a certain action).

Article discussion

Before you make major changes to an article it is advisable to find out how others would react. If you are not convinced that the information in an article is correct, the discussion pages can be used to request verification or citations from the original author. Using the discussion pages can prevent editors from stepping on toes, and help avoid conflicts.

By clicking on the discussion link at the top of any given article (may be found elsewhere on the page), you can read or add comments on a "talk" page associated with that article.

User Talk

The purpose of User Talk pages is for directly contacting particular users. Spamming of users is prohibited and the other policies regarding discussion also apply to the use of these pages. Please note that the User Talk pages are publicly accessible. In addition, they also appear in the recent changes list when edited. If you want to communicate privately, use e-mail.

Users should install the comment entry box at right to their user and usertalk pages by inserting the following code ( {{usertalk}} ). Note this comment entry box is customized for use on "user" and "usertalk" pages only.

Signing comments

We request that you sign and date your comments by pressing the signature icon in the editing toolbar Signature icon.png. A signature may also be added manually by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ ) at the end of your message. If you see a comment that does not have a signature, please use {{unsigned|USERNAME HERE}} to sign it for them.

Offsite discussion


For discussion unrelated to the CreationWiki and its content, please use an offsite discussion forum. Discussion forums can be a useful tool for those seeking to strengthen their understanding of the relevant issues in the creation vs. evolution debate. CreationWiki editors are encouraged to join the CreationTalk email discussion list. Noncreationists may debate these issues at OriginsTalk, or those wanting to debate creation vs. evolution topics in a civil forum.