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Here at the community portal you will find some helpful assistance and a number of suggestions to help get you started and involved with the CreationWiki in a meaningful way. Use our help pages to learn how to edit or format a wiki page, or browse the collaborative projects to find subjects where you might contribute. It is also important to read the policies regarding established standards or rules for participation on the CreationWiki.

Introduction to CreationWiki

  • About CreationWiki - Contributing editors must believe the universe and life on earth were created by God. We encourage all creationists to get involved with the development of this valuable resource.
  • Statistics - View the current article and visitor counts or see how the CreationWiki has grown over the last few years.
  • Policy - The CreationWiki is a collaborative effort and your help is needed. Before getting started please view our policies.
  • Registration - All users must first send the administration a request to join the editorial staff before they may loggin and participate.
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Guide to Writing for CreationWiki

  • Creating a new page - Simply enter a title for your new article and click the "Create page" button. You will then be allowed to enter text in a new blank page.
  • Editing Help - If you are unfamiliar with the Wiki software, then authoring within the CreationWiki will require a little education. To help you get started view our how to edit page for some helpful instructions.
  • Formatting Help - To take the next step and learn how to accomplished more advanced features within your page view our formatting help page for instructions on how to format pictures, tables, etc.
  • Style Guide - When you are ready to start writing your own article, be sure to look over the style guide, which helps standardize the CreationWiki content.
  • Practice Page - Play around with editing and formatting pages on our practice page. It contains some key features you may want to play with before you get started on your own page.
  • Media Sources - All files uploaded to the CreationWiki must be free of copyright. Browse through our collection of links to public domain and Creative Commons Licensed image galleries.
  • Templates - A number of templates have been created to assist CreationWiki users in formatting pages. Please use these templates where applicable to improve consistency of page layout.


  • Administrators - What are Admins? Who are the Admins?
  • Coffeehouse - Bring something to our attention, give suggestions, ask questions, or voice complaints?
  • Administrative Announcements - notifications of upcoming events or administrator projects that will potentially impact CreationWiki users.
  • Recommend a page for deletion - if you found one you think don't think belongs on CreationWiki?
  • Vandalism should be reported immediately. Spambot activity in particular requires rapid intervention to head-off damage to wiki content.
  • Admin Contact. You may email an administrator if the above pages do not meet your needs.

Looking for something to do?

Main Article: Help wanted

The following are some prioritized suggestions.

  • Write articles for any of the pages listed under "Wanted pages". The titles listed there are linked to pages that do not exist yet, but already have references to them from elsewhere in the CreationWiki.
  • Write or expand upon articles for the pages listed under "Short pages". The titles listed there are just the start of an article and need content.
  • Write articles linked off the Main Page. Links shown in red are to subjects that still need to be written.
  • Write new articles for the CreationWiki. To get started, create the article title on a related page, and make it an internal link, then click on the link to modify the blank page.
  • Otherwise, browse the CreationWiki content, and see if you can add more information or correct anything within this archive.

Collaborative Projects

We have a number of big projects that require assistance.

  • We have resource lists that need further development:

Other Ways to Help


Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.