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Creation's Tiny Mystery

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Creation's Tiny Mystery.jpg


By Robert V. Gentry
364 pages paperback.
ISBN 0961675306

Creation's Tiny Mystery At the very heart of the creation vs evolution debate lies the origin of the earth. How did the earth arrive at its present condition? Was it through slow, random, evolutionary changes? Or is there evidence the earth was called into existence by an infinite Creator who is above and beyond His creation?

This book deals with these questions as Dr. Robert Gentry tell's of his efforts to unlock the secrets of nature hidden within the Precambrian granites—the foundation rocks of the earth.

According to modern evolutionary theory, our planet originated from the accumulation of hot, gaseous material ejected from the sun, and the Precambrian granites were among the first rocks to form during the cooling process. University science courses convinced Gentry that the evolution of the earth was just a part of the cosmic evolution of the universe and as a result he became a theistic evolutionist. Years later Dr. Gentry began to re-examine the scientific basis for that decision. His thoughts turned to the age of the earth and the Precambrian granites. Were they really billions of years old?

The supposed proof of their great age involved certain concentric ring patterns found in the granites. Under the microscope a tiny radioactive particle could be seen at the center of the rings, like the bull's eye at the center of an archery target. These microscopic-sized ring patterns became known as radioactive halos because of their radioactive origin and their halo-like appearance.



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