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Cosmic collision

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Cosmic Collision happens when astronomical bodies, such as comets, asteroids, planets, or even galaxies come into contact. The craters from impacts of comets and asteroids on the moon and other terrestrial surfaces in our solar system offer testimony that such impacts have been numerous and violent.


Many evolution scientist were convinced the fact that there can be self-creation of stars and planet by cosmic collision. One of the their evidence the evolutionist gave was that Venus is created by cosmic collision. Cardiff University’s Huw Davies said that “a mega-collision between two large embryonic planets.” which led to the creation of Venus. He wrote and supported in his research that the collision made the composition of Venus, spin of its orbit, etc. That research by Huw Davies did not make sense to other creationists because purpose oriented specificity can not be influence by those mega- collisions. There is no evidence to show it can make the all of supplement of Venus, so as other planets and stars.[1]

Mercury- one of the smallest planets in the solar system, has the significant evidence for the cosmic collision. The evidence of the Mercury indicates that there can not be big bang to create the Mercury. This means slow-and-gradual-development models are not the evidence for high density of the Mercury. Many of astrophysicists have quitted finding the evidence for why there is high density from the cosmic collision because there is none they could find. However the evolutionists are trying to cover up any unrealistic evidence with the big bang theory because there is no proof there was not cosmic collision, but there is no proof there is cosmic collision.[2]


This cosmic collision had a lot to do with universe because it is the reason of the craters in the planets. Those craters had came from the collision with the asteroids. The Most astronomy scientist had favored that there are a lot of collision is going on around the solar system that we just can not see it from the earth. Also, they believe all the collision will be hitting the planets in the solar system. They believe also the asteroids will hit the earth very soon. And also the comets are the part of cosmic collision. The scientists believe that these comets will be most dangerous thing to collide with earth. The evolutionists think those big collision will be occur very soon by comets and asteroids.[3]

Dinosaur Extinction

This theory came from Nobel-Prize winning physicist Luis Alvarez and his geologist son Walter in 1980. They were giving evidence how dinosaurs were disappeared and killed. Physicist Luis Alvarez and his geologist son Walter had discovered the iridium in Northern Arizona, where the crater impact is shown. The iridium is not usually seen in the earth's rocks, but iridium is very usual in space rocks. This was the one of main reason that both of them made the theory that this crater came from cosmic collision. They made a theory from the their evidence that occured between the Cretaceous and Tertiary geological periods, this cosmic collision occurred and they thought the dinosaurs were disappeared during that collision. Which that collision from the space was way more stronger than TNT we are using today.[4]

There are 139 craters discovered in the earth so far. However we do not know anything that happened at that time and when the collisions occur. Also the massive crater was found in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. This was happened in village of Chicxulub. The crater was about 150 to 200 kilometers (90 to 120 miles) across. This collision was not proven yet, but evolutionist thinks this is least 2 billion years old. Many scientists believe Chicxulub crater this big crater was main reason caused the big and powerful cosmic collision to kill all those ancient animals and living lives too.[4]

False Evidence

Galaxy Collision Causes Role Reversal

The evolutionist in our society gives the false evidence that the cosmic collision is a fact we are seeing. They did not indicate that it was just a theory they are trying show. The US television network PBS (Public Broadcasting System) had a show telling the world that how the planets and stars created. They said it was from the cosmic collision. The evolution scientists show that the earth was from accretion of cosmic dust billions of years ago. Those billions of years were not the fact. It was just a theory. They were trying to put people's mind that it is 100% fact. The scripture in bible is just opposite of what the “origin" was saying front of public people. The molten blob or comets was not the requirement to create earth. There was no natural existence of any kind in the earth. The Genesis 1 clearly showed that it was made from God's bare hand.[1]

Another evidence that Cosmic Collision is not true is that because of earth's moon. One of reason that the moon cannot be created by cosmic collision is because the earth has been created before moon. If the moon has been created by those collision that most scientists are talking about, the earth should be in severe damage. The history of earth does not show any signs of conditions and evidences. And no proof of big expansion and explosion that can cause all the massacre. This also proves that earth has only lived thousands of years. The difference from the bible and big bang theory is that length of earth's age. We all know this theory cannot be trusted. This can be proved in Mark 10:6. Jesus Christ clearly said that human has been created on beginning of creation. We can consume that human has lived for approximately 6000 years as the count of 24 hrs of a day. The evolutionists say that earth has been lived for 4.6 billion years with 24 hrs span. Also the scientists say that human stared to live in the last thirty-seconds of the history. We all know from the bible, Jesus Christ was really furious all untruth time scale people believed in.[5]

Christian Belief in Cosmic Collision

Galaxy Collision in Action

Most creationist do not believe that Cosmic Collision was responsible for . Christians do not think universe has created by naturally and cause of those collisions. However it seems like a fact from the public point of view. So creationists have put on the evidences that proves cosmic collision does not exist and also not work.[4]

There was a theory by Jafar Arkani-Hamed from University of Toronto. It was that wondering asteroids has set a fire and maintained the magnetic field of Mars. Also indicated there was living cell in Mars. Interesting things are that how could this big asteroids can miss all those moons and touch surface of Mars and also how can those distances and angles perfectly match. This theory from Jafar Arkani-Hamed has very limited evidence and can not prove it with reasonable evidence. Even though scientists found out there were magnetic field, this theory is really hard to understand. "The extension of larger methodological naturalistic interpretation" seems to be having no direct evidence.[1]

The scripture of bible also supports the nonexistence of Cosmic Collision. Hebrew 11:3 definitely shows there can not be natural processes of Creation. God has created everything in the world. This verse tells us there can be only thousands of years after earth's birth. Genesis 1 also supports how God purposely created life in earth. The bible does not need certain scripture to determine where is the God's purpose for creation. The events and questions from evolutionists are this. How can the creation from God is different from their research. The evolutionists has the theory that stars are made before the earth has been made. This theory makes the opposite from what bible says. the bible has taught us that earth comes up first before any other stars. Also evolutionist thinks land animals comes out first than bird, and also fish are made before fruit trees. In PBS(Public Broadcasting System), the evolutionist, are teaching students based on their theory. The students think it is fact. So they teach those college students and high school students on theory they made. So students believe it is a fact and truth.[1]


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