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Scientific Classification
Binomial Name

Corythosaurus casuarius

Hadrosaurids are dinosaurs that belong to a taxonomic group known as Ornithopods. The name ornithopoda means bird footed. All ornithopods walk on two legs (bipedal) and are plant eaters (herbivores). They are also characterized as having horny beaks.

The lambeosaurines (Lambeosaurinae) have large cranial crests or tubes, and are less bulky. Corythosaurus ("Helmet Lizard") was a large, plant-eating, duck-billed dinosaur of the family Hadrosauridae. It measured approximately 30-33 feet long, 6.6 feet tall at the hips, and up to 5 tons in weight.

It is named for its distinctive hollow, bony, helmet-shaped crest atop its head.

Its beak contained no teeth, but it had teeth in its cheeks to chew its food.

Subfamily Lambeosaurinae - (have a crest on the skull)

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