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Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

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The official logo for the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM) is a non-profit organization founded and run by Matt Slick, who created the Ministry on an internet basis. Though the ministry began as a website with information, a logo, and a mission statement, the ministry itself has grown and spread all over the world. CARM exists to equip Christians with the truth through information about Christian Doctrinism, theology, evangelism, and more. This information is available to provide a biblical representation of the Christian truth. The ministry also provides Christian with information about cult groups and alternate religious groups, and compares them with the Scriptures in order to prepare Christians to argue oppositions to their faith. CARM's main goal and joy however, is honoring the name of the Lord by accurately presenting His word to people all throughout the world.[1]

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The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry was began by Matt Slick, who founded the ministry on October 25, 1995. The ministry began small, as only Matt Slick and his family began the outreach to other Christians within the field of apologetics. However, with only a mission statement and faith in God, the ministry began to grow and come into contact with Christians and Atheists from all over the world. With newfound growth and newfound contacts, the ministry's outreach began to expand as well. Although the website remains the main point of outreach for the ministry, with about 55,000 people viewing the page daily, they have also began various other methods of spreading the word of the Lord. CARM has created a facebook page, a Youtube channel, a radio show, and has readily made their email available to the public for any sort of questions that may arise.

The information that CARM has made available through their outreach methods has been utilized by several groups. Information from the website has been used to formulate Bible Studies, Sunday School programs, and Biblical debates. The CARM radio show, which began small, is now available on iTunes and is downloaded more than 20,000 times a month. In addition, the contact information that CARM has provided to the public is used to reach them, and CARM receives an average of fifty emails a day! The progress and growth displayed by this ministry is extremely impressive, in consideration with the fact that the entire ministry was created by one man with a passion for the Lord.[2]

The Mission

This picture was retrieved from CARM's facebook page. The photo is from a missions outreach to a Mormon organization in Utah in which you can see Matt Slick conversing with some bystanders.

The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, or CARM, has a definite mission. The Ministry reaches out to people from all over the world to promote Christian faith. CARM wants to tell people about the glory of God and help turn them towards the faith, and they have been extremely successful so far, with many people contacting them to tell the story of how CARM encouraged them to leave a cult. In addition to turning people to Christ daily, CARM provides information for Christians to help them defend the faith. CARM wants to equip Christians with truth so that they can expose false religions and defend theirs. CARM began their website,, in order to readily provide Christians with the answers they might need to defend the glory of the Lord. The information that CARM provides has been used, just as they intended, to structure Biblical groupings in the name of the Lord, highlight the errors of secularism and evolution, to teach apologetics, and institute further interest in the Christian faith. CARM is run by several people who want nothing more than to glorify God and defend His name, and they want others to as well.[2]

CARM has many goals in their missions statement, but the simplest way to summarize the ultimate goal of their organization is to say this: The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry's mission is to promote the Christian faith, and defend the glory of God in every way possible.[1]


Matt Slick, the president of Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, often films short devotionals to reach out to people through Youtube. This particular devotional is about showing your faith through your actions.


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