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Systematic name Cholesterol
Other names

Provitamin D

Molecular formula C27H440
SMILES cc(c)cccc(c)c1ccc2c1


Molar mass Molar mass::385.65
Appearance white crystalline powder
CAS number CAS number::57-88-5
Solubility in water .095 g/100 ml (30°C)
Melting point Melting point::148°C
Boiling point Boiling point::360°C
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
NFPA 704

NFPA 704 svg.png

Flash point -325°C
RTECS number -FZ8400000

Cholesterol is an organic compound with chemical formula, C27H44O. It has two different lipoproteins, which are HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. They mainly occur in foods, which is created by animals, dairy products and seafoods. In addition, cholesterol can be used in bile acids and cholesteryl ester, which are the result of cholesterol's synthesis. Moreover, obtaining too much cholesterol could cause many disease, especially, paralysis of heart and stroke. Also, smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol could increase the posibillity to have heart attack. [1][2]


Cholesterol is an organic compound and it has C27H44O. Cholesterol forms into crystal from alcohol result, like white and yellow grain look like plates. In addition, it is sticky and waxy, so that it cannot be liquefied in the blood stream. However, it can be carried by lipoproteins, which carry cholesterol in the blood stream. It has melting point of 148.5 Celsius degree, and boiling point of 360 Celsius degree. [3] There are a lot of lipoproteins, especially the largest lipoproteins are carrying fats, which are including cholesterol, into the liver. In the liver, cholesterol can be divided into two kind of density lipoproteins: low-density lipoprotein, and high-density lipoprotein. The high-density lipoprotein is the mixture of fat and protein and also, fat can be carried into the blood. In addition, the low-density lipoprotein is also, the mixture of fat and protein, and the only fat can be carried into the blood. However, there is one difference between LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, which is LDL carries fats into the cells from the liver, so that it can be classified as bad cholesterol, but HDL carries cholesterol back to the liver from the cells, so that it can be classified as good cholesterol. [4][5] Moreover, if the level of high-density lipoprotein is high, then it means good or it means there is no way to cause paralysis of heart of heart attack. However, if the level of low-density lipoprotein is high, then it can cause many diseases, especially heart attack, because clots, which produced by LDL cholesterol, can stopped the blood circulate, so that, there is no blood to the heart, and it causes paralysis of heart or heart attack. [6]


Cheese is dairy products and is one of the high cholesterol foods.

Cholesterol is mainly found in living organisms; however there is one special case, which is microorganism. Especially, in human body, there are about 93 percent of cholesterol's are located in cells and the rest of cholesterols are located in the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. In addition, the brain and spinal cord includes a plenty amounts of compound of cholesterol. Moreover, cholesterol also located in myelin, which is layer that is an electrical material that surrounds the axons and having the role of nervous system.[7]

In addition, there are eleven foods, which are including high cholesterol and they are, basically, created by animals, such as sea foods, dairy products and beefs. Boiled egg, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, butter, lamb, beefsteak, chicken, kidney, beef liver, beef, ice cream, and sponge cake are examples. [8] In addition, all foods that come from animals are including cholesterol, but they can be divided into two sort of foods: high cholesterol foods and low cholesterol foods. First, basically, high cholesterol foods come from animals or saturated fat, and it can be found in sea foods, and many dairy products, especially examples in the upper part.[9] Second, low cholesterol foods are unlike high cholesterol foods, they are not created from animals, but they are the foods that are based on plants, so that there is no cholesterol in foods at all. Low cholesterol foods contain vegetables, fruits and grain-based foods, such as rice, bread, beans, peas, and many other fruits and vegetables.[10] This is little tip for the food labels including fat and cholesterol and it can make people avoid the high cholesterol foods. First, cholesterol free means, there are 2mg of cholesterol and 2g of fat are in the food. Second, low cholesterol means, there are 20mg of cholesterol and 2g of fat are in the food. Third, fat free means, there are half grams of fat is in the food. Fourth, low fat means, there are 3g of fat is in the food.[11]


Cholesterol is a type of chemical substance found in human body, and it has very important job in metabolism. In addition, cholesterol can be found in human brain and it takes about ten percent of human brain. There are two uses of cholesterol, which are bile acids, and cholesteryl esters. Bile acids are sort of steroid and it can be found in the bile of animals, such as humans, dogs, lions, and whales. [12] Also, bill acid is a result of synthesis of cholesterol in liver and it is related to nucleic acid. Its chemical structure can be divided into bile or bile acid by location of hydroxyl group and structure of side chain. Amphibian and fish contains cholic acid, which is a substance that can be dissolve in alcohol an acetic acid, in their bile acid. [13] Moreover, cholesteryl ester is the chemical, which is reaction of alcohol and inorganic acid or organic acid, so that they lose water and condense. In their chemical structure, oils and fats means higher fatty acids or ester of cholesterol. [14]

Health Effects

Cholesterol emboli in large artery. Intimal fibrosis is evident in the vessel.

People could have cholesterol by food, especially, sea foods, foods made out of animals and dairy products. Obtaining too much cholesterol could cause many diseases, such as paralysis of heart, heart attack, or stroke. People obtained those diseases because of blocked of arteries by clot of cholesterol, so that blood, which contains oxygen and other minerals, cannot be carried into organs, especially, heart and brain.[15] Human physical activity could affect cholesterol by exercising, even the small movements. By physical activity, people can lower their cholesterol level and lose weight makes big difference in their body, because if one with overweight, one would have higher level of LDL cholesterol, which can cause heart attack, however, if one with normal weight, oe would have higher level of HDL cholesterol, which shows there is about lower possibility to cause heart attack or other diseases. There are two bad habits that help to obtain heart attack, which are smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol. First, smoking cigarette could help to people get heart attack, tobacco contains about 2000 noxiousness matters, and it decreases the level of HDL cholesterol. Second, drinking alcohol could help to people get heart attack, however, there is one exception: one drink per day could lower the posibillity to get heart attack. [16][17]