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Children's Illustrated Bible

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Children's Illustrated Bible.jpg
By Hastings Selina & Eric Thomas
320 page . hardcover
ISBN 0892213329

Children's Illustrated Bible In this magnificently illustrated edition of the Bible, all the best-loved stories of both Old and New Testaments are retold for young readers by Selina Hastings. Her fluent, lively style reflects the character and majesty of the original, while vivid and finely detailed illustrations by Eric Thomas bring to life the people and places referred to in the stories.

The Children’s Illustrated Bible features the following:

  • Color photographs of plants, animals, people, and places of the Bible lands
  • Maps of the lands of the Old and New Testaments
  • Prepared in consultation with educators and scholars.
  • A special gift for children and a source of inspiration for the entire family
  • Four color painting on every page