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Cellulose is a polymer of glucose molecules used to make plants cell wall. This also makes it the most abundant organic compound on earth. Besides just being used as the main building material in plants it is also used in multiple manufacturing products. It can be used to make paper, film, explosives, plastics among others. Cellulose is also the main source of the needed fiber which is essential to our diet.


Cell Wall

Cellulose is one the most important polysaccharide because of its abundant organic compounds on earth. Cellulose is a very important component of cell wall which surrounds the plant's cells. This is very important for plant cells because this is what makes the plant leaves and branches so strong. For example, when you are eating a salad, you have to chew a lot to swallow it. This is because of the structure of cellulose. Also, when a lot of ropes get stuck together they get stronger or when water is in freezing temperature it gets harder and eventually turns in to ice. The same thing happens with cellulose, the cellulose molecules are arranged in parallel with each other and becomes joined with hydrogen bonds. Which makes it a very strong support structure.[1]

Cellulose which is very important in the plant because it is the main component in the structure of the cell wall. The skeleton in the human body is which provide attachments to other parts of our human body can be compared with the cell wall. The fibers of the cellulose have been known to have a meshed or criss cross pattern that looks like a woven cloth. The cell wall of a plant has been made in the same way as reinforced concrete. The cellulose fibers will act as extra strength. The more the cells grow the stronger it becomes.[2]

Cellulose is also described to most chemists as a complete carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are made of organic compounds that are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that function the sources of livings things. Plants can make there own carbohydrates that they use the energy and build their cell walls. There are many different carbohydrates in the plant, but the most common and simplest is glucose. It is because of the long molecules which make the cellulose insoluble or does not dissolve easily in water. Because of these long molecules which are fried untie a criss-cross that gives them strength and shape to the cell wall. When a plant makes food it gets converted from light energy into chemical energy it will be used as fuel and some of it is stored and the rest is turned into cellulose the seven as the main building material for the plant. Cellulose is very ideal for plants because it is what gives strength and toughness to a plant’s leaves, roots, and stems. [3]


Diagram of Cellulose uses

Cellulose is a very important polymer that is found in nature. Cotton, paper, and wood all contain cellulose which is a very good fiber. Rope made from wood, cotton, and hemp are all made from fibrous cellulose. An important thing to know is that cellulose is made of repeat units of glucose. This glucose is also used in your body's metabolic process to generate energy. However, the cellulose polymer can’t be digested by humans and most animals into its glucose monomers, so that energy can be generated. Nevertheless, cellulose has been very important in the history. In modern times, it was used to make the first synthetic polymers such as cello nitrate, cellulose acetate, and rayon.[4]

Cellulose is also very important for humans because it is used as a natural substance and has become one of the most important commercial raw materials. The major sources that cellulose contributes are to plant fibers such as cotton, hemp, flax and jute are all cellulose and also wood(wood is 42% percent cellulose). Cellulose is insoluble in water and is easily separated from the constituents of a plant. Also, one important historical fact is that cellulose has been used to make since the Chinese first discovered it around A.D. 100. The process of making a sheet of paper from cellulose is that it is separated from wood. This occurs from a pulping process that grins wood chips under flowing water. Then the rest of the pill that remains will then be washed, bleached, and poured over a vibrating mesh. When the water drains from the pulp, whatever remains then becomes an interlocking web of fibers that are dried, pressed and smoothed which then becomes a sheet of paper.[5]

Cellulose is also very important in the plant cycle. It is very important because it is the main building block from which plants are created. In the food chain cellulose is the first link. In plants cellulose can be broken down into units of glucose. Cellulose can be compared with starch because it can also be broken down into units of glucose.[6]

Importance to the Human/Mammmal Diet

Even though humans or animals can't digest cellulose ,but it is very essential to the human diet. It is important because it forms a major part of the dietary fiber that is known for proper digestion. Sense our bodies aren’t able to digest cellulose we call it bulk or roughage which helps the movements in our intestines. The only mammals that can digest cellulose are the ones that have ruminants which helps them digest the cellulose. They are able to absorb the broken down cellulose and use its sugar as a food source.[7]




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