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Carboplatin 3D.pngCarboplatin 2D.png
Systematic name 1,1-cyclobutanedicarboxylatodiamineplatinum(II)
Other names CBDCA, paraplatin
Molecular formula C6H12N2O4
Molar mass Molar mass::371.25 g/mol
Appearance White crystalline powder
CAS number CAS number::41575-94-4
MSDS Material safety data sheet
Main hazards toxic when used in other forms besides injection
NFPA 704

NFPA 704 svg.png

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Related compounds


Except where noted otherwise, data are given for
materials in their standard state (at 25 °C, 100 kPa)
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Carboplatin is a medication used to treat different types of cancer. The most common cancer that Carboplatin is a treatment for is ovarian carcinoma. Other types include lung cancer, head and neck cancer. Carboplatin was first introduced in March of 1989 by Bristol-Myers Squibb. He went and got permission by the FDA (Food Drug Administration) to produce and distribute Paraplatin, which is the brand name of Carboplatin. In 2004 in October, it was sold in packages without the brand. Since that time, Carboplatin has become more and more widely known and well-liked. Carboplatin, along with the similar compounds Cisplatin and Oxaliplatin, is called a DNA alkylating agent. [1]


Carboplatin contains platinum in its compound. [2] It is a white crystalline powder. Its brand name is Paraplatin with a molecular formula of C6H12N2O4. It is a stable compound with oxidizing agents. Although, any contact with Carboplatin through the skin or inhalation is toxic and harmful to the body. It must only be used as an injection and must not be eaten or taken into the mouth as it may also be harmful. [3]


Carboplatin is a drug administered by injection, provided by local clinics and hospitals. [4] It is first seen as a white crystalline powder which is put into water where it dissolves. Then it is further diluted in a type of sugar solution. After this process, it is inserted into your vein in a period of half an hour to hour. [5]

Carboplatin is used as treatment of various types of cancer including lung cancer and ovarian cancer. But it is also used as a cure for common forms of testicular cancer in men in their forties. Studies have found that carboplatin is a safer drug for the first stage testicular cancer, seminoma, than taking the process of radiotherapy. Patients prefer it better. Especially in Britain, male patients are thankful for carboplatin's effects. 40 to 45 percent of men in England that have testicular cancer are plagued with seminoma. [6]


Carboplatin is a chemotherapy drug [7] that works by disrupting the cell growth and helps the body fight off cancer easier. It may lessen the count of platelets in the blood, so you must avoid causing any injuries or hurts that will result in bleeding. Also, Carboplatin can hinder the body's immune system. [8]

Carboplatin, like many other drugs, has the potential to cause some side effects ranging in intensity. Some common side effects that may happen while taking Carboplatin are constipation, diarrhea, hair loss, nausea, and others. [9] One side effect that can take place after having received treatment from Carboplatin is a decrease in bone marrow functions. Bone marrow create and produce red and white blood cells which are important to the body's immune system and health. A decrease in this function can cause anaemia or excessive bleeding. This situation does not occur until after about a week of taking Carboplatin. If the process takes up more than two weeks to restore your weak health, contact your doctor, because it may be a sign that the blood cell count is low. [10]