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Can You Defend What You Believe?

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This seminar by Mike Riddle was recorded at the Seattle Creation Conference July 2004.

Can You Defend What You Believe? This lecture challenges both the creationist and evolutionist in their ability to defend what they believe. It begins with an analysis of the Biblical foundation for creation and then demonstrates why evolution cannot be defended scientifically and must rely on faith. It shows how the layperson can successfully witness to an evolutionist by showing that evolution is without a foundation.

Mike Riddle is the president of Christian Training and Development Services and currently travels around the country teaching and delivering seminars on the Biblical and scientific truths of creation. Mike has a degree in Mathematics, a graduate degree in Education, and has been involved in the creation ministry for 20 years.


Can you defend what you believe?

Can you defend what you believe?Video and audio files of this program are available as free downloads.

Seattle Creation ConferenceThe Seattle Creation Conference is organized each summer by the Northwest Creation Network. Check the conference website for details.


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