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Buddy Davis

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Buddy Davis

Buddy Davis is a multi-talented christian speaker for Answers in Genesis (AiG). Buddy's speaking style is one that allows everybody to understand, and is popular with listeners of all ages. Other than speaking, Davis is well known as an author, singer/songwriter, illustrator, and dinosaur sculptor. He has been largely involved with sculpting dinosaurs for the new AiG museum. Buddy is well known by children as the main man in the popular “Creation Adventure” children’s workshop at AiG conferences.


Buddy's talks cover a wide range of topics. His speaking engagements are aimed at all ages, or at specifically children and adults. Buddy has an easy to understand speaking style, aimed at the lay audience. View Buddy's speaking schedule here.


Buddy is a talented musician able to play many different acoustic instruments. Davis views the purpose of his music as to uphold the word and authority of God, as well as to draw people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Some of Buddy's more popular songs are "Godly Men, and "I Believe." He has many albums available for purchase, which you can find below.


Buddy is also well known for producing children and family oriented books. His works include fiction and non-fiction, and are available in audio as well as print.

Creation Adventure Videos

Answers in Genesis produces and award winning set of videos called the Creation Adventure Team. Buddy Davis appears in all DVD's along with "proto" the anamatronic dinosaur and Dr. Noah Tall (know it all). These videos take young viewers on adventures throughout God's creations in "Six Short Days", and offers answers to the mystery of dinosaurs in "A Jurassic Ark Mystery".



Buddy specializes in life-size dinosaur sculpting. Buddy has completed more than 60 sculptures and some have been placed in the new Answers in Gensis museum. His work has been featured across the world in magazines, newspapers, and on television. You can view Buddy's sculptures here, as well as a miscellaneous gallery here.

Wild Game Dinners

Upon booking, Davis will attend your church and perform folk/Appalachian style music. Afterwords, the service concludes with Davis re-telling hunting stories and reading from the Bible. Along with Davis' contributions, the night is usually completed with the locals cooking and preparing wild game for dinner. This could be a unique opportunity for your church to reach out to the community. To book Buddy for a Wild Game Dinner or to inquire about Buddy's various other speaking ministries, call Answers in Genesis at 1-800-350-3232 ext. 403.


Buddy Davis is a young-earth creationist. He interprets the Bible for what it is, not adding any of his own interpretations. Davis shares the views of most, if not all of his fellow AiG colleagues. You can see a summary of the AiG statement of faith and theology here, as well as a disclaimer on general speaker beliefs here.

Publications and Resources

  • Creation Adventure Team Award-winning set of DVD's featuring Buddy Davis. For children ages 5-14, these videos take the kids on "fun adventures and discover the wonders of God’s creation, plus the incredible answers to the mystery of the dinosaurs."
  • Never Ending Love This CD by Buddy Davis is full of story songs about the importance of commitment in marriage and family relationships.
  • Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure Buddy Davis is co-author of this book takes you along on the journey of five creationist explorers in their exciting trip to Alaska in search of frozen dinosaur bones (7th grade-Adult). You can purchase this book here.
  • Soar A music CD full of songs fit for adults and youth.


To contact Buddy as a speaker/singer, or find out more information, call (859) 727-2222, ext. 402.